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    Best Pool Cleaner

    As per title, what is the best Automatic pool cleaner (Creepy Krauly) for a 3*3*1 Deep Pool with seating benches across all sides? The Pool Cleaner must be able to get up to the benches as well and not get stuck in the corners.
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    3rd Interview

    All Has anyone ever been invited for a 3rd interview? If so what did it entail? Did you end up receiving a job offer?
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    Dlink DAP 1330 range extender behaving bad

    My setup is as follows: Vodacom Fibre router in study Dlink Dap 1330 Range extender in living room. Fibre and range extender are connected wireless. Range extender plugged into another Huawei router by Ethernet router only acting as switch for DSTV, PS4 etc to connect via Ethernet. from...
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    2019 Masters - Tiger is back

    what a Masters weekend it was indeed
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    Vodacom FUP

    Hi Ladies and Gents So, this has been my first month on Vodacom Fibre. Can anyone tell me when the FUP resets? I had a look on the usage tracking website this morning and it states I have 1GB of the 500GB left. I was under the impression it resets on the 1st of every month?