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    Sigh - ADSL is getting decommissioned in my area

    So got an sms that ADSL is going to be discontinued/decommissioned in my area soon. Pretty annoyed cause I was quite happy with my ADSL setup. Now I have to look for fibre or lte equivalent. Is there a guide specifically for this scenario? A few extra points: * My mom stays with me, so she...
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    What happens when a driver is not insured, not licensed and is not at fault?

    So this happened to my friend: * Uninsured * Unlicensed * Made a car accident (ouch + looool) So they were in a huge accident involving 3 cars. Two cars insured, friend's isn't. This persons car was a writeoff as a result, been dealt with. Spoke to bystanders (cause all three drivers are...
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    Any place that sells custom printed mugs in Cape Town area?

    Looking for a place to print a custom mug for me. Ideally one of those mugs that change/colors images when heated, but if I can't get that it's okay. I would like to change the style of mug if that's possible too. Had a look on google, but all the websites listed don't look like places I'd buy...
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    How to go about changing firmware and keeping all your data?

    So I want to change the firmware of my phone, but what I don't know how to do efficiently is keeping all my app data. The most important data is just the sms's, whatsapp data and the camera stuff. Pretty sure that guys here have done this multiple times, so is there an all in one app to do it...
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    [Recommend] Good reads for learning more about Business (in SA context)

    Anybody have any good business book recommendations? Something that really changed the way you think or approached starting/managing your business.
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    [Opinions?] Anybody plays FIFA 19 on PC?

    Played it on PS4 at work, but I want to know the opinions of guys that have it on PC? Is it the exact same game or are there significant differences?
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    [Recommend] A decent mid range Android Phone

    So my current phone is a Xiaomi 4X, but it's been giving me problems (speaker phone not working + can't fast charge). I got this specific phone on sale for R1899 and these are the specs (that I care about): * 3GB Ram * 32GB Internal Storage * SD Card Support * Rest of specs link So the...
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    Trying to buy from ebucks shop, not sending inContact message?

    Trying to buy something from the black friday deals on ebucks shop. It's in the cart, but when it comes time to finalize it just hangs on "Please approve the Smart InContact on your FNB/RMB App" Am I doing something wrong? I assume that InContact is working because I get messages when I log...
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    Any ZA black friday youtube videos worth watching?

    I saw one in off topic somewhere. Are there any more?
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    So Azure updating it's prices because petrol price is increasing

    Just kidding, it's cause of the movement of the Rand.
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    It's ironic that even though the dams are 70% full, we're still paying level 6 (level 5 from Oct) tariffs

    Like what's the level expected for everything to return to normal? Does the city expect the dams to be 100% full before making the tariffs normal again. There will probably be an insane amount of red tape to drop the tariffs again.