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  1. Lupus

    South Africa’s first smartphone factory – Photos

    Uhmmm do they not know about Xiaomi? I mean for R3999 you can get a really good Xiaomi that knocks the socks off most other devices in that price range and it looks modern with far more storage, better CPU and over just better for the same price? I mean R4000 for a Snapdragon SD435 phone with...
  2. Lupus

    Load-shedding escalated to Stage 2

    There might not have been load shedding but far flung areas had no or little electricity, in fact sometimes it wasn't even that far flung. The power grid wasn't always dandy either Northriding has been having power issues going on 25+ years. I know I lived there in the 90s right through to the...
  3. Lupus

    Load-shedding escalated to Stage 2

    Had that in my area, took about 24 hours to fix wasn't fun.
  4. Lupus

    Load-shedding escalated to Stage 2

    I only had a lowly 133mhz at the time :-(. But still not bad for someone who fixed other peoples PC's to build his own :-).
  5. Lupus

    Load-shedding escalated to Stage 2

    New fangled P1s in 1997? They'd been around for four years already, I remember in 1996 my school did a revamp of it's computer labs and all of the machines were replaced with new fangled P1-166mhzs which were 300mhz by the time I did Matric in 1999. We still played on the old 386 machines before...
  6. Lupus

    Outside Thruxton Motorcycles

    Just shows you, it's not speed that kills, it's the sudden stop at the end. I mean his heart did stop sooooo.
  7. Lupus

    Load-shedding escalated to Stage 2

    Think I found a photo of you working on one from that era.
  8. Lupus

    Load-shedding escalated to Stage 2

    Seems like it, I mean the difference one years makes ;-).
  9. Lupus

    Here’s South Africa’s new energy plan for the next 10 years

    :cautious: looks at the previous 10 years, looks at the previous 15 years for digital TV migration.
  10. Lupus

    Load-shedding escalated to Stage 2

    What???? That's redonk. Though I do remember for my dipcompsci having to do that for some modules.
  11. Lupus

    Load-shedding escalated to Stage 2

    What? How did you do the coding portion? There were two exams for my comp sci in 99. The handwritten one and the programming portion.
  12. Lupus

    Beware fake telephone directory scams

    When I lived in a complex we saw maybe 3 getting delivered over the course of 7 years living there. Every year it just got thinner and thinner.
  13. Lupus

    Load-shedding escalated to Stage 2

    So you didn't take Computer Science? Typing or anything that would require electricity?
  14. Lupus

    Woolworths pulls bag with apologies...

    No no you don't understand it has to be orange,white and blue in that order, if it's blue, white and orange that's fine or white,orange and blue or wait who gives a flying pig anyway right???
  15. Lupus

    Woolworths pulls bag with apologies...

    So it seems that any hint of the old flag colours must be removed? I mean you can clearly see the bag is white,orange,white,blue but because it's got orange,white and blue it must be associated with the old flag...
  16. Lupus

    Vehicle change of ownership

    He can put the insurance under his name, with you being the primary driver.
  17. Lupus

    Reporting of an Accident - Is it a legal requirement?

    Yup, 180k fine or jail time. So rather report it. No drivers license is another fine but it will be smaller than the 180k.
  18. Lupus

    Is there a South African equivalent to dollar stores?

    Possibly :) but there in the South of Johannesburg there were some dodgy R5 shops.
  19. Lupus

    No load-shedding expected this weekend

    Well that detoriated quickly as usual.
  20. Lupus

    Is money (or the love of it) the root of all evil?

    Actually human greed is probably more likely the cause of it. Money is normally just a sort of IOU. In fact there probably isn't enough money in the world to actually give out physically, so it's just a bunch of 1s and 0s as a promise. If I swipe my card for R200 my bank promises you that it can...