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    Crime Aftermath: Would you live in your house?

    I've seen a lot of celebrations in the Current Affairs threads whenever a homeowner kills home intruder. If intruders invade your home and threaten your family's safety and you rightfully defend yourselves by killing him, would you still stay in your house knowing that there was a dead body...
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    What Business can I Start???

    Guys, I'm not very well paid and make around 12 grand after deductions. Now I've been thinking of starting a business, not very good ideas pop up. As far as business ideas, I think of those which are morally questionable, like a bar and brothel. By this December, I will have savings of at...
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    Geology Help

    Guys, I need your help, does anyone know a company or companies that hire junior or trainee Geologists who have a BSc. in Geology without honours. The biggest mistake I ever did was not carrying on with my honours, now companies require honours in order for the to hire you. I'm in a...
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    Driver's License!!!

    Hi, My learners expired, I want to make an appointment for the test. Is there a place in South Africa, where I can get a quick appointment? Say 1-3 weeks waiting period? Gauteng sucks:eek:, there are no dates available, I'm not even going to comment about Brits, if dates are available, you...
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    MCSE vs CCNP

    Hi, I'm a geologist working in the oil field. However, I'm interested in IT. I've been doing research about MCSE and CCNP, I know what they entail, but I do not know wheather there is a need for these qualifications in the IT industry. In terms of securing a job, which certification is...