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    Anyone dealt with

    I need a fridge repair person help me and I came across the above website. The person who answered was overly eager and was prepared to come out immediately which makes me want to know why their appointment book is wide open. Has anyone heard of or dealt with these people? Thanks
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    Citizenship by Naturalization

    So I went for an interview with a company I badly want to work for. They apparently liked me enough to immediately call me for a psychometric test and a week later asked for a copy of my payslip. A few moments ago the agency called me to clarify about my citizenship. According to her the HR...
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    Why is being single perceived as a bad thing?

    From a very young age, I was adamant that I never wanted to get married. This was a very odd sentiment for someone like me since I'm African and you're expected to get married at some point. Even more so since I'm Ghanaian. As a Ghanaian woman you're expected to be married by a certain age and...