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    The hiking thread!

    Cool, so this is a new hobby that I'm starting. I'm looking to do a couple half day / day hikes twice a month, and maybe look at doing a multi-day hike every 6 months or so. I was thinking it would be a great idea to start a thread where everyone can share where to go and any tips they might...
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    Web based jukebox software

    Hi there, I am looking for web based jukebox software for my office. I would like one that has some sort of a democracy or gives each user a certain amount of credits. So far LanP3 seems the closest to what I am looking for, but it is far to buggy. I have also looked at Exit66 which is pretty...
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    The firefox download day thread

    This thread is for anything related to the firefox download day. Links: Download firefox: Spread firefox: The facebook event:
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    Opera 9.5 spell checker

    Hi, I am looking for a spell checker plugin for Opera that works in a similar way to that of Firefox's. Does anyone know of one? Thanks