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    BMW X3 Tyres

    Hi all, So im in need for new tyres for my car The issue with the x3 is that it needs all 4 changed as this effects the transfer box I currently have 255 45 18 and looking at maybe changing to 235 50 18 is there a big difference My buddy has a x3 with the 235 50 but not the M sport rim...

    Gary, George & Matt leave 'MasterChef Australia' Weirdly i read the other day George was fined for not paying his other staff something to like R80m I think these guys will go over to amazon or something like the top gear guys

    Is Chuck ok ?

    So some very bad guys called @Chuckmyster some very bad names now he has blocked all of us Just wondering if he is ok and he must please come back home

    Medical Aid

    Hello all, Another medical aid thread I am on the classic smart plan at discovery and was wondering how can i save further Any other medical aids with just a basic good hospital plan Currently paying 4642 for 2 adults and 2 kids. Need to save more money :)

    Insurance Claim From Nandos

    Hello all, So on saturday one of the nandos delivery drivers on a bike tries to avoid a taxi or something and drives into my dads car. He hit my dads car and broke a light and damaged the bumper and then hit another car as well. The drivers bike was unlicensed and he had no license on him...

    Female Apple 30 pin Adapter

    Hello all, So im looking for a Female 30 pin adapter to USB. Car has an old ipod cable built in and would like to try a 30pin adapter to USB. Im in CPT if anyone has one Something like this

    My 1st another SUV thread...

    Hello all So looking at a nice SUV for around R90k-R120k So far looking at a +-2010 Honda CRV with all the bells and whistles Seen some nice Freelanders as well Looking for diesel with mileage below 150k What would you recommend ? And what are service costs, clutch brakes the usual like ?

    Windows 10 Wifi Icon blinking

    So myself and few others have an issue at work where when we try connecting to the work wifi it fails and the wifi icon starts blinking/flashing I have never seen this ever before on any PC I have tried connecting to other networks with my wifi and that works fine, its just the work wifi that...

    Water Pressure fix

    Hello all, So the city of CPT is furking us around. There are a few buildings where the pressure has been dropped which results in few top floor flats not getting water I stay on the 3rd floor and my geyser is in the roof. For some reason I dont get any hot water at all due to pressure . The...

    Vodacom robbery

    Hey guys So a family member upgraded in november/december to a BB torch 9810 and received the new phone Now about a month back the speaker gave up so was sent in for repairs. Vodacom called to collect the phone on friday and the phone given back was a refurbished model Now the thing...