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    Funny Pictures Thread – No. 6

    That thing yes
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    Funny Pictures Thread – No. 6

    If only. My Ecosport got replacement motor at 75k ridiculous. Service manager said they replace at least 5 motors a month through the range
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    Who is still awake?

    Ready to go
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    Binge Drinking! ~ Moose Calls Time!

    Ridiculous Especially for pregnant women who 'think' it is safe to drink
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    Ford Kuga safe to buy second hand?

    Fully agree Had engine failure on my ecoboost ecosport at 75k Warrenty paid 89k for new motor. Ridiculous at such low km
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    Incorrect line speed

    Not hypothetical anymore? Got What you paid for?
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    Did you get a salary increase this year?

    35% 8 months into a new job
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    Hardware Bargains - Open Thine Wallet

    Thanks. Never knew they made a come back
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    Xiaomi Mi Box / Mi Box S [Android TV OS]

    Could you explain how to format as internal storage And also what games is playable on mibox
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    Xiaomi Mi Box / Mi Box S [Android TV OS]

    LAN adapter... You on latest software?
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    Xiaomi Mi Box / Mi Box S [Android TV OS]

    Logitech harmony remote all in one solution
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    Anybody following a Keto Diet?

    Try myfitnesspal for logging calories
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    Xiaomi Mi Box / Mi Box S [Android TV OS]

    I use a chrome cast in bedroom abd cast from phone. Have all apps on my phone Otherwise smart tv or android box connected to them
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    Xiaomi Mi Box / Mi Box S [Android TV OS]

    Either smart tv or android box. Don't need both. Can then install apps Install dstv. Use her account to log in and view shows Netflix, YouTube, teatv, mobdro all work great
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    Who is still awake?

    At it again
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    LIVE | Apartheid flag judgment

    Saw this in my mirror during the week...
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    Which laptop brand do you currently use?

    Dell Current one was 2 months old when screen went blank Technician came to fix at office in 2 days
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    What is the best gadget you have ever bought?
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    How much money do you earn? And how do you spend it?

    How's increases and salaries going Awaiting mine next month