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    The United States's relationship with China is deteriorating

    So you are happy on how SA is run. I would rather have the US and there freedoms than the stuff China gives us. If the US is no longer in trade war with China. I would think India would end up with a trade war with China. and that war will be worse as they do not need each other and are...
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    The world's most widely used cryptocurrency is Tether, not Bitcoin

    that can not be tracked. this is volume only on exchanges. I think monero probably used a lot more than other crupto's. It just never gets to an exchange
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    The most popular ways for South Africans to stream online shows

    that is easy to explain. not everyone can afford a smart tv but everyone these days have smartphone
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    Israeli woman gang-raped while holidaying in Mpumalanga

    Full agree yes apartheid was bad and wrong.
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    Men are Screwed (rule 43)

    Just went to YT and on my recommended list lol
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    When e-filing, make sure you haven't made any mistakes

    yes but we all have to do it :(
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    Bitcoin Thread - 2018

    I see we can use card on to buy btc
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    Durban CBD mess today

    why are they striking?
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    If the Gaddafi-cash allegations are true, Zuma could face US sanctions – and much worse

    then we will be ok as most of those are falling apart already no need for military action
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    Live in Gauteng? Your local Standard Bank branch could be closed by July

    nope. the data for banking should be zero rated. I know absa is and i think FNB is also but nor sure on the others
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    Live in Gauteng? Your local Standard Bank branch could be closed by July

    but isnt most or all of the data used for banking paid for by the bank. so if you have no data you can still use most banks website?
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    Funny Pictures Thread – No. 6

    I think its more we tired of all the lie's
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    Kempton Park Fibre

    I got my installation last week and i am very happy with it :D
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    Kempton Park Fibre

    I think the coverage map more for there wifi than fiber.
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    Kempton Park Fibre

    i canceled my order with CISP and going with WiFiber seems they cheaper and they cover the installation cost. and i also hear nothing from CISP
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    Kempton Park Fibre

    thanks. I am in Terenure. They just said to me they need to test and then update something.