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    Domain Transfer Away from Afrihost

    Hi all, Apologies if this has been asked often, but I'm not even sure what to look for (here or Google...) I'm not entirely happy with Afrihost as my host, so decided to my my new Wordpress site over to Digital Ocean. The migration is done, and I've successfully updated my DNS records to...
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    24" Dell Monitor

    Item name (be very descriptive): Dell Monitor (S2340Lc) - 24" Age and condition: 3 years, very good condition Do you include packaging: Yes - box, and everything Warranty: No Reason for selling: Not being used Price: R1800 Negotiable: Yes Location: Roodepoort Shipping or collection...
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    FortyWinks Queen Bed

    Item name (be very descriptive):A brand new (less than a year old) FortyWinks queen sized bed, 15 years guarantee Age and condition: almost a year Do you include packaging: No Warranty: Yes - 15 years guarantee Reason for selling: Moving, no longer need it Price: R5800 Negotiable: Yes Location...
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    Retina, or Non-Retina?

    My MacBook Pro (mid 2012) is on the fritz and if insurance helps me out, I'll need a new one. Its a development machine, so I'm looking at at least 16GB of RAM. The iStore have said it will take 6-8 weeks to order a 13" with that kind of a spec, which isn't going to work for me. I can go for...
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    Macbook RAM Question

    I want to upgrade my 2012 13" Macbook Pro's RAM (currently 4GB) to 16GB. Being damn expensive, I'm thinking of doing it slowly. I want to buy 1 8GB stick and put it in (removing the 2x 4GB sticks). Then, say next month, buy another 8GB stick and put that in the last slot. Is it going to be an...
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    Travelling to Egypt

    Hi all, So I'm planning a trip to Egypt in November (mainly Cairo, some surrounding areas too), and then a short stint to Eilat (Israel - I know...). Anyone know what the current situation is like in Egypt? Recommended for two 23 year olds? Thanks
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    New Watch Issues

    I'm not one to use the CPA as an excuse, but I feel like I have a case. Last year December, I bought a Casio watch from a store in Pretoria. I had it adjusted to fit my arm at the store before leaving with it. Since then, the pin on one of the links has fallen out/broken twice resulting in...
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    Car Audio

    So I can finally afford to replace my front loader unit (and 2 speakers...) that got stolen at the end of last year. What are my options to purchase online? I'd like relatively quick delivery: ie a few days. I'm based in CT, so any walk-in shops that have competitive prices would also walk...
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    High Line Noise

    Hi all, I have a strange setup for my ADSL and I'm wondering if its increasing the noise on my line. Below is a picture of my setup: I know its a mess, but theres a good reason. The ADSL line goes into the Telkom 5102G router (on the right). This router's Wifi is broken, so a LAN cable...
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    Weird Android onDraw() Bug

    I'm now completely stumped. I have spent many hours, yet I cannot solve this. I have a view that I'm adding some text to, as well as a gradient rectangle (fades from an alpha grey to completely alpha). The first If Statement is for drawing the text and rectangle on the bottom left hand side, and...
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    DIY Quadcopter

    Not sure which section to post in, so if it needs to be moved - apologies :) I'm in need of a new project this December, and I've been keen to do my own quadcopter for a long time. My electronic knowledge is decent, having done 2/3 years of it recently at varsity - so the flight controller...
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    New Citi Gold Ignition

    Hi guys, I have a 1999 Citi Golf that I've replaced the ignition on before. Yesterday, things went pear-shaped (battery is stuffed) and I've only just managed to figure out my ignition is stuffed up too. If I turn the key, the lights all come on, but nothing turns over. It's happened before...
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    Deal of a lifetime?

    Site a scam. Stay away. I'm in the market for a new laptop and I was looking on Gumtree etc for a 2nd hand Macbook Pro when I stumbled across this site: Those prices are insanely low, hence hectic alarm bells. I called (and emailed) to ask why the prices of the Apple...
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    An Odd Home Network Setup

    I have a fairly odd setup for our home network (mainly due to 2nd hand hardware...) that gives us some issues. Our current setup has the ADSL line going to a Telkom Wireless router/modem. Because the wireless doesn't work - only the ethernet - this is then connected to an MWEB Billion...
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    ADSL Unusable

    One month into our Telkom 4Mb Uncapped Internet and it's dead. It's taking 20min+ yo open local pages. Nothing on international sites. I see my line attenuation is sitting on 50db, could this be the problem? If so, what do I do? Currently in Newlands/Fernwood area. Thanks
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    Gmail HTML

    Hi, I have a Java app hosted with Google AppEngine that sends out an email. Now I'd like to embed an "<a href=..." into the email. However, Gmail doesn't seem to support this. Is there any clever trick I can do this? I have to do this from Java... Thanks, Sysem
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    S3 Screen :(

    So my S3 took a tumble. The touch still works, so it's probably just the glass. What am I going to fork out for a replacement? I see I can get a kit off eBay for around $20 but I'm worried the glass is some cheap knockoff? Anyone with experience of keeping this to the cheapest but best...
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    Raspberry Pi Taxes?

    Did anyone else pay taxes on importing their Raspberry Pi? I just got a collection slip from the post office and there is a R416.46 fee attached to it! Not a chance in hell I'm paying more for taxes than for the Pi.
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    Visa for Vietnam

    So, just booked my tickets to Vietnam. Now to get the Visa (and everything else) sorted out. The travel agent wanted to charge R1800 for them to sort out the visa - way out of my budget. I came across this site, but I'm a little sceptical. Contacting the...
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    Vodacom - A Request

    If a Vodacom Rep could please help me on this.. I go through this problem every time I look for a new phone (for father, myself or brother). I'm on contract X. I want to see what my options are for that contract. But your website doesn't want me to do that. Instead, you want me to select a...