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    Are IT Academy qualifications nationally accredited?

    I was browsing for short software development courses and I stumpled upon this IT Academy software develoment bundle. If anyone has enrolled in one of their courses, are they accredited? Are they reliable? What value do they carry to the employer? And if there are better short (software...
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    Getting a software developer job with a local technical college qualification

    My question may be vague, but here it goes. How possible is it to get a job as a software developer job when you only have a short course qualification from a local technical college? I am considering starting a career in software development but I do not have the funds, nor at least the time...
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    How does one become a commissioner at the CCMA?

    Good day all, I have a Bachelor of Technology in Human Resource Management and I'd like to become a CCMA commissioner one day. What qualification(s) is needed to become one? Do I need to further my studies by doing honours degree and specialise in Industrial Relations? Or must I have a labour...
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    How to treat toenail fungus?

    Good day. Has anyone been successful in treating toenail fungus? What products did you use and what treatment did you follow?
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    Where to get compatible Kali Linux wireless adapter in 2019?

    Good day. I would like to know if any of you were able to get a compatible Kali Linux WiFi adapter in South Africa that is able to perform penetration testing and packet injection. Most of the adapters sold are not fully compatible. If not, is importing an option or is it too expensive?
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    How to treat a bleeding gum?

    Good day. I know I can find dozens of posts on this topic on Google but most of them will suggests products that are not available in South Africa. Here is the story. The right side of my gum, next to the wisdom tooth, has been bleeding for nearly 4 years. It bleeds severely when sleeping and...
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    Does the employer have to payout unused leave days after the end of an internship?

    Good day, my question is what the title says. I have completed a 12-month internship with an employer, the stipend was paid out by SETA while the employer added a little incentive. I have only take 4 annual leave days out of the 15 days we accumulate in twelve months. My question is; is the...
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    I need a mentor who can teach me programming and network security online without face-to-face interaction

    Like the post says, I need someone who can help me learn programming and network security via online communication and chatting. Can the person please offer his help for free as I am looking for a mentor. I know a little bit of C++ but it has been difficult to learn from only a book, not...
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    How to remove blemishes from oily light skinned African skin?

    Hi everyone, this is my first post. Like the title says, I have dark spots/blemishes from acne/pimple on my face and I want to reduce their visibility but I can't afford professional help. I am an African with light oily skin, I want to emphasise that my skin is oily. What can I use to remove...