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    Huawei Mate 20

    They got BURNT may be :p
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    Huawei Mate 20

    Just loved the way it trolled charging latest iPhones wirelessly in reviews
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    Best Antivirus/Spyware 2018 for home PC

    I use the Avast anti-virus, works well, top-notch security features and helps to run the scan without creating any hindrance. One thing that I do not like about it is the password manager as it is not fully equipped like other paid ones. If I was asked to choose between BitDefender vs Avast, I...
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    Apple Watch Discussion

    I agree with you on this, in the subways most of the times especially during peak hours it is quite a battle to take out the device out of the pocket. Experienced it on a trip to Dubai last year.
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    Movie Trailers Thread

    Thanks for pointing it out. I just watched the trailer and was like this movie is going to be good.
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    Netflix USA Vpn doesn't work help?

    Most of you are right here, Netflix has been aggressively blocking VPN services. On the flip side, VPN services have also not backed out encountering the blockade. PureVPN is the one I use, one of the best Netflix VPN and it works really well. Previously, one could access Netflix US library only...
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    Movie Trailers Thread

    Watched this trailer yesterday Bodyguard coming to Netflix on October 24th. Anticipating it to be worth watching.
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    Huawei Mate 20

    Amazing phone, Huawei has really leveled their game up with the market leaders. My sister is using the Huawei P20 Pro with its functions and quality product it is I can rightly expect something way above in Mate 20.
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    Best VPN for BBC iPlayer and USA streaming serviced (NordVPN sucks)

    I use ExpressVPN service, works as the best BBC iPlayer VPN, it provides 2 UK servers in order to unblock the site. The East London server is just to be connected and access BBC iPlayer without much of a hassle.
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    Apple Watch Discussion

    Yes, maybe you are right. For me, it is still a no at the moment to get a smartwatch.
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    Apple Watch Discussion

    That is what I mean, one can still sustain without the use of a smartwatch. Only place where I believe one can get the best utility of a smartwatch is when you are driving or riding. What concerns me the most is doing things on a very small screen. Still people have their preferences and good...
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    2018 Suzuki Swift Sport (3rd Generation SSS)

    The only product still working great for Suzuki for decades now.
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    Huawei Mate 20

    Price is not okay, I agree with you.
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    S8, Note 8 or P20 Pro

    Considering the price, features and looks. P20 Pro is a big YES.
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    Apple Watch Discussion

    I am still not enticed towards the use of a smartwatch. How much time does it take to bring out your smartphone from your pocket and do whatever we want to? Just a fashion statement these days I feel.
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    Show your Android Screenshots!

    I love to keep it sweet and simple with apps organized in one place.
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    3 word game: The New New Newest thread

    this is true