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  1. cavedog

    Cybersmart ddos attack

    Since Saturday afternoon pppoe session on Openserve was not authenticating. The website was down since Saturday afternoon and for most of Sunday. I just received an email explaining that they suffered a large ddos attack. :oops:
  2. cavedog

    Fibre line uptime

    So I've had my Openserve fibre line almost 1 year now and since the install it has not been down once. Pretty impressive. I run my router and ONT on a backup 12v battery and that lasts about 12 hours+ so the router and ONT never goes off even during loadshedding or power outages and the line...
  3. cavedog

    Eskom Live briefing

    Some points mentioned so far. Eskom did not inform the President. The latest loadshedding is totally unplanned and unexpected A single conveyor breakdown pushed them over the edge OGT and Pumped schemes were extensively used from Sunday night peak and Monday morning. Eskom hoped units will...
  4. cavedog

    ADSL/VDSL still very much available

    A lot of misleading info especially from Webafrica facebook ads and mybroadband hinting that ADSL is so good now but you can't get it article I decided to get a line installed for my parents which have been using Telkom LTE for a while now. Frogfoot is trenching and should be available in the...
  5. cavedog

    Telkom Network down

    The whole Telkom network is down country wide it seems. Voice, USSD, Data everything.... :oops: @rpm
  6. cavedog

    Nordvpn vs socks5 proxy

    NordVPN actually allows quite a few connection modes one of the suggestions is using socks5 proxy with torrent clients. Using Nordvpn client and using VPN as the connection mode my connection is slowed a bit to about 14MB/s max download rate. Using Socks5 proxy setup in qbittorent and...
  7. cavedog

    You have not been a slave until

    you worked in the motor industry.... Been in the motor industry for 10 years now and have nothing to show for it except a lot of experience and payslips full of deductions. When it comes to the Motor industry especially repair centres there are only 2 winner. The insurance companies and the...
  8. cavedog

    Cloudflare local CDN unavailability

    @rpm So on 11th of September Cloudflare switched off if I can say that the local CDN for all cloudflare services not on their enterprise package. I tried to get info regarding this but it's not forth coming. Currently all traffic is routed by the ISP to the next CDN with some going to London...
  9. cavedog

    Axxess Sim only Telkom LTE starting at R99 pm 10+10 - R99 20+20 - R199 60+60 - R399 120+120 - R699 220+220 - R999 Not badly priced month to month deals if you have your own router. :)
  10. cavedog

    You can now Block Telkom -R

    Hey I see a new USSD code to block Telkom -R *180# then reply # then reply Option 10. Then reply option 1 to block Telkom -R :D
  11. cavedog

    Linux on laptop

    So I have a basic laptop that I installed a ssd in but it's still pretty basic with only 4GB RAM and slowish cpu windows 10 was just slowing it down too much. I rarely use it mainly because windows would slow it down but last weekend I installed Manjaro onto it and felt like a bran new laptop...
  12. cavedog

    10 people killed in Horror N1 crash
  13. cavedog

    Google drive mounted in Windows/Linux

    Anyone using google drive mounted as a drive in windows or linux? I actually set it up today and it's pretty decent. The fact that google has a JHB node makes it so much better especially for the 1Gbps fibre line users. I tested some 80GB .mkv files playing from the mount and it's pretty...
  14. cavedog

    Buying ex mining cards for gaming

    I actually bought a RX580 8GB version for R1700 still relatively new but ex mining card. Looking at getting another one and crossfire them. There are some impressive benchmarks on youtube when you crossfire them but they do eat a lot of power and obviously the game needs to be well optimized to...
  15. cavedog

    Imaginet unshaped uncapped fibre

    I see imaginet also launched some reduced pricing and free installation.
  16. cavedog

    League of Legends Teamfight Tactics(TFT)

    So what do you guys think? Everything Riot Games make is just magic. :) Sunday night on EUW you almost always get SA players in TFT or ARAM. :D
  17. cavedog

    Pineapple insurance

    Not sure if anyone is using Pineapple insurance but looks like an interesting concept.
  18. cavedog

    NVMe SSD in old PC

    I have a PC with an old Asus crosshair v formula motherboard. Plenty of PCIe 2.0 ports spare. I doubt I will be able to boot from the drive when I install it but the adaptor does say it is backward compatible with PCIe 2.0 and 1.0 x 4. Obviously I'm going for a budget NVMe which is the Silica...
  19. cavedog

    Taxi collides with sugar cane crane
  20. cavedog

    Romans pizza special today only

    R99 any 2 large pizza on the menu for today 16 June only.