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    "Vape Lung" poses a danger to South Africans

    There is no evidence that "Vaping" is less harmful than nicotine cigarettes and YES whether you Vape or use Nicotine, both are a NO,NO and should be forbidden equally like the present Tobacco Act prescribes, removing ALL Smoking Chambers in existence in eating places etc. We hope the new...
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    The best browsers you can get on Android

    Edge for Android runs well on Android 9. We are happy with it's performance
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    Former Telkom clients are still being billed

    What a Joke and persons want to sign contracts and use their prepaid service in the fixed and Mobile sphere because their pricing beats the likes or MTN, VC etc. With rotten service like this :laugh:
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    Vodacom LTE Cancellation Policy

    You have it all wrong. Go and study your Contract Terms and Conditions properly 1) One month = 30 days 2) One Calendar month = The amount of days in that particular month concerned.
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    WhatsApp is destroying SMS in South Africa

    We concur with these statements. We still prefer SMS/Text to ANY of these types of platforms
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    Upgrades via store or call centre

    @Musiclover08 Stay far,far,far away from the Telephone Upgrade system, they are often NOT Vodacom people but companies authorized to resale the products. Lastly - Caviat Emptor = Let the buyer beware.
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    What is causing Chrome to redirect all web address searches to

    Have you tried clearing the Cache of Chrome? By the way My Broadband is secured by valid certs and HTTPS in their URL address.
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    Internet stability

    @ kabusi It is not the network but your phone deciding between WiFi or SIM network connection, necessitating the reboot of the phone :) Think about your post and reply.
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    Application for tower erection

    @GGV The proper accepted way is to apply in writing by Sending a Email to explaining your signal problem and tower (Bts) request ensuring obtaining a Service Reference Number. If you have not received an satisfactory response within 7 days then compile an proper...
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    Free SMS in South Africa - What mobile operators have to say

    There are still many users who prefer SMS even if they have a modern phone :) , who not wish to be part of the "media hype".
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    Unrestricted APN ?

    We see that you have sent in your application for "Unrestricted APN" provisioning of your SIM. You probably will have received 20 Service Reference numbers if sent to Why not send an email containing at least one of these Service Reference Numbers in a properly...
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    Nokia 8 Sirocco

    Normally happens when a System Security update is due. This has been noticed overtime. I like this phone as all works well for me.
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    Android Chrome auto history clearing?

    Tnx for the info:)
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    Android Chrome auto history clearing?

    Wondering if we will ever see the auto clearing of browsing history etc. on our Android Chrome browsers similar to Edge on Android? Let us hear from all the droid experts out there :-)
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    Vodacom Data Roll over LIFO Not FIFO?

    Here is a heads up - Check if Vodacom is using the Data Roll Over FIFO system as required by law from 1 March 2019 on your account. We have a feeling they have skipped on a few accounts. This is NOT and April Fools Joke
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    Nokia 8 Sirocco March 2019 Security Patch?

    Thanks for the info :-)
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    Nokia 8 Sirocco March 2019 Security Patch?

    Wondering when/if the security patch for March will be released?
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    Useless Vodacom misleading and lying to their clients

    @Sasa89 - Sorry to see you have a Vodacom Online problem. Firstly Vodacom was NOT misleading you!!! You mislead yourself by using the Online Portal instead of using the Face to Face method wherein you can read all on paper BEFORE signing the contract, there by understanding the import of the...
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    Vodacom to hike prices

    Here is some sort of response from Vodacom. Makes for interesting reading. Link:
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    vodacom tower

    Have you tried sending a email to in so receiving a Service Reference Number? If not then do so before taking short cuts, there are none to a proper response from ANY CORPOTATES unfortunately. Use the service ref to escalate to a higher level by written method if no...