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    South Africa, the next 5 years [discussion]

    I think we need to start talking about the short term prospects of South Africa and especially the next 5 years. What are your scenarios and how are you planning for the future? What do you think the country will most likely look like? I am asking this question, because of the recent trends in...
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    Tongue Posture/Teeth

    So I have always been skeptical of braces and dentists that always want to take our wisdom teeth. I eventually had mine taken out a age 24, which was late for most people. I was never convinced of the argument that we do not need them. So 2 nights ago I came across this video that explains that...
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    Meaning/Nihilism in the service sector

    The modern economy is becoming more and more service sector like. I used to deliver newspapers in school and now you get everything on the internet. My 2nd job was packing videos at Videorama, Netflix has replaced that. In South Africa I used to work on a building site, building some cellphone...