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    For all the cross-race antagonism in many threads

    Let's not avoid the obvious. There is still a lot of racial tension - both here on this forum, and in SA in general. But, not that I am a tree hugger or anything, I have noticed that the energy given is the energy received. For example, someone mentions the negative experience of the "cow" at...
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    Another life

    Checked and didn't see a thread about this. While it has it's flaws, it is sooo much better than the latest Star Trek, for example. Watched the first 3 episodes. Then stopped because I do like keeping decent series for a while.
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    Federer beat Nadal in semi-final a few minutes ago. Epic match. And I am so frikken happy he beat the muscle bulldozer.
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    High blood sugar levels (not diabetes)

    Anyone here known about, and ever declared, or had to declare, high blood sugar levels?