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    Home-Connect ISP Feedback

    Seems others have different experiences. Mine has been a pleasure so far. They sorted out my ftth install which Vox couldn't do for months even though it was a frogfoot line. Line was installed and I had access to it Same day. Speeds are good no issues at all. All in all best service I have...
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    Frogfoot FTTH install

    At my place they asked me if they can use it. Unfortunately they couldn't find it
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    What going on with Frogfoot in the WC and EC

    Fine in cpt as well
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    Frogfoot FTTH install

    Easiest is the telkom route yes. If you lay your own path they will use it as long as it can take their cable and is secure + protected from damage and water proofed.
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    Binge Drinking! ~ Moose Calls Time!

    That bottle of Gin would have lasted one day by me. And that's alone.
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    Binge Drinking! ~ Moose Calls Time!

    Same this side. Feel way better and also going strong. No alcholol or smokes anymore, but still go out with the same people. No need to get **** faced or smoke even when in an area where people all smoke besides me.
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    Seacom fibre

    Seacom is sold by macrolan. Look for them in the ISP page
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    South Africa has some of the heaviest drinkers in the world

    4 drinking days and I used to consume that alone in beer. So in 1 month cause I used to drink one day per weekend.
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    Binge Drinking! ~ Moose Calls Time!

    With you on this. Done smoking and drinking as planned. Last month was my last. Going good now. Now I can fill my braai room fridge with more than just beers.
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    Binge Drinking! ~ Moose Calls Time!

    Doing this end of month. 20 years of binge drinking. Its going to be different though. And going to be a tough one. Even thought, hey maybe I should drink less. I tried that, didn't last for too long and there I was binge drinking. I used to do it twice a weekend. Friday 1 tray and Saturday...
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    Parental limits to WiFi by cumulative daily hours

    Get someone to assist with vlans setup. This way you can have rules on different virtual networks, but on one physical network.
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    The Cannabis Thread

    Strongest and hardest hitting strain so far has been LSD.
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    Telkom LIT Android media box - Tips/Tricks/Apps thread

    Telkom says I need a receipt to return faulty lit box. Can they not pick it up on the system? Was purchased in December 2018.
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    Samsung QLED vs LG OLED – Best TVs in South Africa

    Gaming consoles and streaming services are capable of 4k. I've always been a Samsung fan until I found out they not doing eArc, which is a damn shame. The reason they not doing it is because the dropping dts audio completely. So if you use your TV apps for plex, Netflix etc you will be getting...
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    City of Cape Town takes Frogfoot to task

    Just 1 conduit coming up from the ground with 2 smaller conduits inside it. Been there like that for 2 months already.
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    City of Cape Town takes Frogfoot to task

    Something ain't right yeah. They were supposed to go live end of March in our area. But only things they have done is stuck piping in the ground. This was completed end of feb/beginning of March. No connections to any box and no box placed outside the houses.
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    Vodacom - 60 Gigs for R299-00 + 30 Gigs Night Owl

    No, in burgundy estate. I'm even about 5km from takealot main depot. So it's definitely in their area.
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    Vodacom - 60 Gigs for R299-00 + 30 Gigs Night Owl

    Called them plenty of times to confirm this. It is correct. It's weird that they can't get it right. That's why I was hoping I could walk into a store and they will give me a sim instead.
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    Vodacom - 60 Gigs for R299-00 + 30 Gigs Night Owl

    Damn, it's only the 5gb account lolol