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    Rain speed rediculous

    So slow. Had enough of this pathetic excuse for service. And why suddenly is the speed test showing iBurst? Download 0.16???
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    DSTV Now Live TV streaming.... DSTV throttling speeds????

    Tried to watch the cricket to-day via DSTV Now. Continual buffering. Tried several other Live TV channels and very similar experience. Tested speed and its 20mbps. So tried Catchup - works perfectly. Went back to Live TV sport and buffering all the time. Then went to another device and streamed...
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    DSTV Now - SKY, CNN and BBC news issues

    Afternoon all... my DSTV now via my LG smart TV works fine, EXCEPT for Sky, CNN and BBC news. When selecting any of these channels they stream from anything from 5 to 30 seconds, then I get a "We're sorry Something went wrong. Please try again." You then have two options - either select RETRY...
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    Fixed Line Look Alike extensions at home

    Hi, up until yesterday I had a copper based service. TELKOM delivered a FLLA telephone (Atel AGP-KW125) which I have activated. Copper service no longer works (discontinued by TELKOM??) and neither do any of the 3 extensons in the house! With this new wireless set-up how do I now get...