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Search results

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    Your RPM @ 120KM/H

    It’s still comparing apples with onions.
  2. C

    OBD2 scan before buying a used car?

    In my experience the low voltage warnings are usually from startup when the car is idling low and the alternator isn’t putting out full voltage yet.
  3. C

    Identification - License alright for OR Tambo domestic flight ?

    You’ll have to start a petition to force them not to, and then we’ll all need to remember one extra thing to carry around with us every time we fly somewhere. You’ll be a hero.
  4. C

    Show your hand/s!

    So you want old engine oil under the finger nails? Or not that kind of working?
  5. C

    Funniest jokes you know

    Well, that wasn’t very funny...
  6. C

    Show your hand/s!

  7. C

    Sit, Stay, Good boy! The dog thread.

    Yeah, must be traumatic living with me :) I suspect it’s soemthing to do with her colouring - first time I’ve had a blue Great Dane though, so I can’t be certain.
  8. C

    Sit, Stay, Good boy! The dog thread.

    The one in front is just turning 4, apparently the new guy at the back is 8, but I think he might be a bit younger than that.
  9. C

    Sit, Stay, Good boy! The dog thread.

    I have an extra pooch since the weekend. The new boy is at the back.
  10. C

    The "How do you clean..." thread

    Surely your domestic staff look after all this cleaning nonsense?
  11. C

    I bought an ex-rental car and discovered that I have been lied to

    I know. I was agreeing with you :)
  12. C

    I bought an ex-rental car and discovered that I have been lied to

    Think of it like a blended whisky. Single malts are quite variable but blend them and the result is a more uniform taste. Rather buy a car where most of the time it’s been driven by civilised adults and possibly once in a while by a cretin who wants to hammer it. Better than buying a car blind...
  13. C

    Honey bees, problem

    He said bees weren’t on the endangered list. You’ve just confirmed that. So why the attitude?
  14. C

    Keeping vehicle registered in another province

    No, they also use your ID number and an individual is allowed only one record.
  15. C

    KIA brake issue

    Two years and he still hasn’t sorted out the brakes? The mind boggles.
  16. C

    Official "Interesting pictures" thread - Part Deux

    That’s a bit of a knee-jerk, especially considering the NP came to power in 1948 and the Second World War ended in 1945.
  17. C

    Cheapest way to close up a swimming pool

    That’s pure genius! Who would have thought of using that?
  18. C


    Cape Ruby :)
  19. C

    Funny Pictures Thread – No. 5

    They went that way - I think they were looking for your grammar, which also seems to have taken off.
  20. C

    Your RPM @ 120KM/H

    What’s up? Couldn’t get it up to 120? :)