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  1. Gnome

    Affluent Atlantic Seaboard residents back City in fight against homeless

    I live in Sea Point and although I don't have any involvement in this, I can understand the problem. The fellow who sleeps in front of our building gets completely sh#t faced on drugs & alcohol and goes on screaming and manic laughing fits through the night (no seriously like shouting top of...
  2. Gnome

    [CHINA] Foreign worker Mark Kolars must leave China after racist comments cost him his job

    This hasn't been my experience at all. When I suggested to Chinese people that their buildings are built like crap (mind you in a much more elegant way), they are happy to agree. But China still had the best buildings in the world. Other topics like intellectual property being near impossible...
  3. Gnome

    Looking for a decent Generator

    You don't just run a house off of a generator unfortunately. Getting a generator and plugging things into it directly is your best budget bet. Else you will be spending 3-4x as much when talking about wiring it into the house. Even if you do it yourself, generators with 2 phase (so both live...
  4. Gnome

    Google says its quantum computer finished a 10,000-year task in minutes

    Why AES and SHA-3? RSA sure, it is a prime number factorization problem, but those other algorithms don't rely on prime numbers at all. Even if they could factor discrete logarithms quickly (another type of public key crypto approach), it still wouldn't have an effect on AES or SHA. But I...
  5. Gnome

    FNB opens its banking app to all consumers

    How is your data more safe if you have a small IT team than if you have an entire company who's only goal is to give you secure and stable infrastructure? Banks actually have had data breaches. A lot recently actually. I would say your statement is even more true for a cloud provider. They...
  6. Gnome

    FNB opens its banking app to all consumers

    They have more to loose, it is they actual product they are selling. If you run a bank, the product you are selling is not IT infrastructure. So the excuse of "maintenance downtime" and "IT failure" are far more readily accepted. Bank IT team(s) are universally just doing "the best they can"...
  7. Gnome

    FNB opens its banking app to all consumers

    I don't care how they operate their system internally, a company should own their stack back to front. Using the "but my system is stable, it is your system" is a complete lack of owning your system and improving your customer experience. Same strategy employed by the ANC on this whole...
  8. Gnome

    Major security flaw discovered in Linux sudo command

    Dude how old are you, you are probably a millennial, you do realize this right? In my company if you build it you own it. From coding, to testing (there are no "testers" in my company, automated testing or GTFO), to rolling it out world wide. The results speak for themselves, people don't want...
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    Earning just R600 a month, union says Zim state employees are too poor to go to work

    Oh the IQ map, so many flaws in using averages, I can't even begin to express. But Africa does have a huge education gap, so I'm hardly surprised. The questions asked in the one I did in school was pretty abstract, unless you can read, write and reason in the language the test is conveyed in...
  10. Gnome

    Rain eSIM references in website code

    Someone somewhere doesn't understand what launches means... So they don't actually have eSIM support. What an idiotic announcement
  11. Gnome

    Experiences migrating Fibre to Afrihost

    Just to echo what is being said here. My parents got an account with them and basically, doesn't matter what you tell them, they can't help you. What is worse, is if you ask them to send someone they refuse. If you want your money back, they refuse, etc.. Long story short, just don't use Afrihost
  12. Gnome

    JUST IN | Grade 6 pupil shot dead at a Katlehong school

    In the US this would get you a death sentence, here I'd be surprised if they even catch the perps EDIT: Oh I misread this as 6 kids shot. It was 1 x grade 6 pupil
  13. Gnome

    2 x Widescreen monitors or 1 x Ultrawide monitor for developement

    My company gives us the option you have and some people chose 2xWidescreen. Everyone that did regretted it later and I don't see anyone with them anymore... We almost exclusively use Macbook Pros however, could factor into the decision, but there it is
  14. Gnome

    Floyd Shivambu's brother looted VBS Mutual Bank - Full List

    Why is it in Africa that once your "hero" gets caught red-handed the next step is a logical fallacy. Oh you've been caught. No but the evidence was fabricated, no but someone else did it too, no but why am I being investigated, etc. Who cares, not everyone that speeds gets caught. That...
  15. Gnome

    Fear, horror & outrage: SA unites in call for #SAShutDown 'Our country is bleeding'

    Being serious here but there is only 2 types of action that will solve this: - Providing more jobs so people don't have time for this kind of sh#t - Shooting/Tear gassing people that riot (rubber bullets are enough contrary to some of the hard liners beliefs)
  16. Gnome

    Two women stripped naked, set alight after missing boy's body found in river

    :ROFL: Typical Africa response. "Radical transformation". Just transform it back into "mob justice" :rolleyes: That worked so well for Africa before the evil settlers arrived. So much unimpeded progress was made, corruption did not exist, everyone was pure and all the evil in Africa were...
  17. Gnome

    Ideal Place To Build A Large Data Centre In SA

    Far as I know Amazon is building their data center in Cape Town which is an interesting break from the typical Jhb based data centers. Jhb isn't close to any undersea links, so likely that factors into it. Melkbos looks like it has cables running up both sides of Africa (granted SAT3 is old now).
  18. Gnome

    South Africa's rand currency 'rigged by banks'

    Serious question, would things like this happen if the country didn't have currency exchange controls.