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    BLF, AfriForum members clash in court as swear words fly

    stop the clock, what about ubuntu? Has been rammed down our throats that all was peachy before the devilish mlunghu arrived.
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    Tips to Boost your eBucks - 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020

    I believe it is assuming rl5 to rl5, you get increased % back of 2.5% to 3%,so effectively a 20% increase for online and normal swipes. Also with AVIS you get 4 additional trips which is good, plus can do local bidvest lounges. Apparently you also get better forex rates, still yet to try that...
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    Refugees order Gift of the Givers out of Methodist Church in Cape Town

    beggars belief, room temperature IQ muppets
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    R6bn needed to fix 32 Gauteng hospitals to be safety compliant

    Unfortunately these Muppets could not run a bath, that money would be pissed away.
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    LOOK: King Mswati III buys each of his (many) wives a R10m Rolls Royce

    Incredible, this Muppet takes '**** the poor' to a new level. Impressive, let my not too distant neighbors eat their well earned cake.
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    Rain and storm for Cpt

    Ye Calendar YearToDate
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    Rain and storm for Cpt

    Best year for Dwarsberg/JHK for the last 6 years and still more rain in come :) Currently sitting on 2637mm(unverified). Yesterday's 187.2mm exceeded the other significant daily number that occurred on 23JUL2019 of 186.9mm. Looks like more to come on Sunday afternoon and Monday, great end to...
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    Rain and storm for Cpt

    Yebo, bucketing here in Gardens/CPT :) Becoming a better than average month for Dwarsberg/Jonkershoek 100mm MTD.
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    Rain and storm for Cpt

    agreed, CoCT weekly report has 40.3mm for 28th/5.3mm for 29th for TWK - was surprised there was not a decent uplift, but let us see what tomorrow brings :-)
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    Mystery around Mmusi Maimane and 'his' R3.85m Claremont house

    Would he needed to have to declare that vehicle, if yes, did he?
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    Mboweni under pressure to come up with turnaround plan as VAT collections dip

    Coming home to roost, these fcuking Muppets could not run a bath.
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    Rain and storm for Cpt

    Coming down very nicely in Gardens/CPT :-) SEP19 looks like the worst one in 6 years for Dwarsberg/Jonkershoek, ~70mm month to date.
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    Discovery Vitality [2019]

    still using my old discovery cc, linked to my life policy, will try and hold out till the last moment - eB's for me is a system I understand better and the odd bit of hoop jumping does not negate the damn awesome benefits.
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    Principal retires, Isipingo pupils go on the rampage

    Would not happen at an Afrikaans school. Bunch of savages preparing for adulthood.
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    Any link between Retrenchment Package and Withdrawal of Preservation Fund?

    Morning All A good few years back my wife got a retrenchment package where the first 500K was tax free and she was taxed accordingly on the remainder. We recently cashed in a preservation fund where she was taxed more than what I had calc'ed via ->...
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    Newly renovated Sassa toilets vandalised at Durban Station

    Savages gonna savage. Don't fight it, ZA will return to the African mean - the numbers are too great and increase every year.
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    Rain and storm for Cpt

    After a promising first 2 weeks of August, the remainder of the month has been a damp squib :-( This week will be the first week in the past 11 weeks where we do not have a gain for the big 6. Last year, we achieved an approx. 14% uplift in the 5 weeks from late August, hoping we can do the...
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    WATCH | Rampaging students chase down and butcher live cattle

    SAvages gonna savage - the bar these Muppets set from a humanity perspective is already so low, these actions just reinforce my view of them.