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    Huawei Mate 20

    No head phone jack on the Mate 20 Pro. *sad face*
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    Huawei Mate 20

    Been keen to switch from LG, but I do use the wide angle lens very often. Very impressed with these photos.
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    Stones, now bent nail in coffee beans

    Been grinding beans now more for a decade. With a cheap grinder from clicks. Never ever, ever and never experienced that. And we often use Woolworths beans.
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    WhatsApp calling is not impacting Vodacom

    Well it take normally takes about 5mins from my secretary answering my call to me actually talking to the person. Poor people would have hung up by then. Also it is very easy to screen for poor people. They normally have numbers starting with 06/07.
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    WhatsApp calling is not impacting Vodacom

    I don't answer WhatsApp calls for the same reason I don't respond to a please call me. Poor people shouldn't be allowed to communicate with the rest of us.
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    The expenses you should declare – and rather leave out – to get the best possible home loan in South Africa

    Banks should be just as strick with car loans and credit cards as they are with home loans.
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    Transnets longest freight train in the world test run a success

    It looks like the SA attempt is over a longer distance.
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    Sole mandate properties get better prices – here’s why

    To a point yes, but you can't go wrong by giving a good agent a sole mandate.
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    Absa launches cellphone Near-Field Communication (NFC) payment trial

    And in the year 2018, has ABSA actually managed to get this going?
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    Sole mandate properties get better prices – here’s why

    Ok, I am in the trade. Sole Mandates do sell for more and faster than open mandates. In our agency we sell our Sole Mandates for 94% of asking price and within about 45 days. That is lot better than the current average for open mandates, according to FNB the average home is on market for about...
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    Google adds in-app music support to Maps

    Would love for Google Maps on Android to be fully functional over Bluetooth. On my Wife's IPhone you can still get direction queues even when on plain FM radio, with my android only when I select the audio source as Bluetooth.
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    Cool scenes from movies & series.

    This scene from Cinderella Man has stuck with me. A very underrated movie.
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    Dishonest Car dealer ?

    Possible that it was only registered in SA in 2014. Maybe manufactured in late 2012, delivered early 2013, maybe sold late 2013, but registered Jan 2014?
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    Sunfoil decide against renewing CSA deal

    Didn't CSA post a massive profit recently?
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    OR Tambo vs Lanseria Long term parking

    Anybody recently used the long term bays at Lanseria? To uber is going to cost me R750 for a return trip and to park my car there it is going to be R500.
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    Tree stump removal

    Will take few seasons for decomposing to do the job. Also diesel and any strong chemical will delay any possible decomposition process.
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    ANC can lose 10% in 2019 elections

    EFF at 13% is not ideal, at all.
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    Telkom landlines - Prices went up and subscribers went down

    Pity that I have to pay this to have a vdsl line. Also a pity that a telkom competitor will be eating telkom's lunch with a fibre roll out in my neighbourhood.
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    Discovery Bank – from big hype to delayed launch

    Would love to see your calcs. We on the other hand are still a good few years behind in premiums to make up for a few procedures and hospital expenses we had the last few years. I guess we need to pay at least another 8 years to make up for our expenses. Discovery as a medical insurance is...