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    Laptop not charging

    hi All I have a Lenovo i3 laptop, it's a few years old (about 6). For a while, i was getting notifications that it's not charging (even though it's plugged-in) Now, it's dead and not charging at all. I tried an universal charger but nothing. A friend checked it out and said that the...
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    Takealot cancelled order - fraudulent

    I purchased 3 memory cards from Takealot, the order was cancelled by Takealot, reason provided that the supplier is out of stock. However, the item still shows as being in stock but at 50% higher price
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    Huawei B 315 set data limit per device

    Hi How do I set a data limit for each device that connects to the router? And can I specify different limits for different times? I have a 40GB anytime and 40GB midnight to 07:00 package I have installed the Huawei hilink application but don't seem to find any settings that I can manage...
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    Cell C Woes

    I used to be quite a happy Cell C customer, (since Cell C started) until about 18 months ago. I had a lot of contracts with them, their service was good, their network worked (better than their competitors at the time) and they didn't screw up their billing (like their competitors) - I was...