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  1. alloytoo

    Scientists reveal how the fossil fuel industry misled the public about climate change

    Alas when you link to the judgement which says the delay was unreasonable and awards costs to the defendant, you have effectively demonstrated that it is true. They're not broadly accurate, you only get to "Broadly accurate" by averaging out the lower end of all the ranges of all the...
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    Scientists reveal how the fossil fuel industry misled the public about climate change

    1. Michael Mann (he of hockey stick infamy) refused to produce his data in a Libel/Slander suit he brought in Canada against Tim Ball. Tim Ball has assert a "Truth" defense and demanded Mann produce his data and methodology. As a result the case was dismissed with costs awarded to Ball. 2. I...
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    What is your first thought of seeing a person wearing hearing aid(s)?

    Has that person had cancer?
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    2019 Rugby World Cup

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    Scientists reveal how the fossil fuel industry misled the public about climate change

    That's kinda hard when they refuse to release the data and methodology. All their projections run hot against the real world, they've been consistantly falsified, In order for AGW to work, you have to erase history, ignore the present and mercilessly squash any alternative narrative.
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    Emigration: Australia & New Zealand

    Damn NZ started slipping after the Socialists won the election.
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    Emigration: Australia & New Zealand

    Occasionally our recruitment team emails available positions to the company (New Zealand) Job Number Job Title Location 16204 Technical Director – Buildings and Structures Parnell* 16244 Design Lead Piritahi* 16264 Senior Designer – Transportation Parnell* 16564 CAD Designers...
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    Netflix wants to stop password sharing

    It's not unusual for different members of the household to be watching the same content from different devices, or indeed different locations.
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    Why South Africans still use torrents

    I prefer to download stuff myself, watch it via the Android boxes using Kodi. Then it's really a question of quality vs Hard Drive capacity.
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    New iPhone patent discusses using Apple logo as a notification light

    I suspect there are probably a few other examples as well which Apple has collected into this application.
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    SARS' plans to deal with a tax revolt

    Tax avoidance is not necessarily illegal, tax evasion is.
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    Are you planning to leave South Africa?

    This was said to me... You're too late. What's taken you so long? My little Kiwi turns five and heads to school next month.
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    Your top 3 movies of all time

    Shawshank Redemption When Harry Met Sally Princess Bride
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    Where do you live?

    Farm Cove, Auckland. Close to bus, Ferry and train (naturally I drive to work), plenty of amenities, schools, pools, parks and sports fields as well as shopping. Plus it's in NZ :cool:
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    Emigration: Australia & New Zealand

    Good luck, it's a hard path, but worth it. Just be aware that the NZ economy is slowing down a little, so it may take longer to find a job.
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    Your top 3 TV series of all time

    Dr. Who Boston Legal BSG Honourable mention: Stranger Things Good Omens Ballade Vir 'n Enkeling Almighty Johnsons Brokenwood Mysteries The Bridge (original)
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    If you can drive any car, what would it be?

    To drive (not to own). Alfa Romeo Giulia QV To Drive (And own). Mazda MX5 To drive occasionally (and brag) Mini Cooper S
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    Which type of car (brand) do you currently drive?

    The one with petrol in it. Last week that was the Mitsubishi Colt, this week it's the Nissan Wingroad. I not allowed to commute with the Nissan Elgrand.