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  1. abzo

    KZN motorist fined R40k for speeding and stripped of driver's licence

    He's probably Indian so either: A) illegal activities. B) daddy's money. Before anyone says anything, some of my best friends are Indians, so shut your stupid monkey mouths.
  2. abzo

    Takealot Vouchers (Begging) Thread

    All you need to know is that RichardG is a ****ing liar. Samantha knew it, and we know it. Although you can do it on a rooted phone.
  3. abzo

    Takealot Vouchers (Begging) Thread

    How did you bypass the Whatsapp 256 member limit to groups?
  4. abzo

    Hardware sponsorship.

    So you're not begging for sponsorship, just asking for it?
  5. abzo

    The Receptionist got a NEW Toy!!

    Are you sure? Haven't you already seen the type of women Baxteen is into?
  6. abzo

    Takealot Vouchers (Begging) Thread

    I've returned an item recently and was credited the total amount.
  7. abzo

    John Wick and John Wick 2

    Yaaaay! Welcome back.
  8. abzo

    Takealot Vouchers (Begging) Thread

    It used to be R100 off R800 spent or something, not sure what it is now, not received them lately.
  9. abzo

    How much do you spend on your monthly grocery bill?

    No but the delivery guy wouldn't mind your...tip.
  10. abzo

    How much do you spend on your monthly grocery bill?

    I think we know by now that when it comes to chrisc4290, you need to take everything he says with a pinch of [-]salt[/-] truffles.
  11. abzo

    New York Cop Convicted in Cannibal Plot

    Prosecutors on Monday showed a video of a screaming woman being cooked alive over an open flame and other disturbing images from websites devoted to torturing and eating women - evidence they argue proves a New York City police officer was involved in a cannibalism plot. Officer Gilberto...