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    New Powerbank Needed

    Thanks! Would have preferred a wireless version but type c a win
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    So I went to Capitec

    Big step up!
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    Gmail + Outlook 2007

    I managed to get gmail looking quite a bit like the outlook interface. No conversation threading, previe9 panel, blue theme....
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    Price List from PDF to Excel

    I read somewhere you can now scan pictures of tables into excel using ocr, Google is your friend.
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    SABC radio building evacuated after massive diesel leak, people still trapped

    This. Back when that building was built, there was a requirement to control the narrative that couldn't be compromised by possible 'terrorist' activities. Logical to put the power supply closer top the broadcasting equipment as lower floors more likely to be compromised.
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    "A Game of Thrones" discussion thread

    Bad pic for those too lazy to confirm they missed it
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    Mtn black Friday rumor?

    Ok but this was for mychoice data, different from anytime data?
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    Mtn black Friday rumor?

    Can't top up airtime for voice calls? Seems odd
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    Mtn black Friday rumor?

    Can I get this on my prepaid (currently) sim and still do pay as you go for voice?
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    Discovery Bank [2018]

    I just want a card with a chip that doesn't wear out in a year, maybe with tap and go even...
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    WATCH | Gunned down at home: Shocking Bryanston 'hit' caught on camera

    Probably not even B5 on that vehicle, too heavy. Also the multiple shots in less than 100mm spacing would have led to penetration, hence the dust (spall) observed in the car.
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    Investing Internationally

    Webtrader probably easiest if you go with standard
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    Samsung Galaxy S10

    I registered on the site after the 10th, and they eventually called this week and gave me the special for 499
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    K53 for bikes

    I think I paid 400 for a lesson, then 650 for a refresher on their yard and borrowing the bike for the test (about an hour and a half)
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    Some financial advice

    Just bear in mind the flexibility you lose with retirement products. You going to be in SA forever? Want to invest in soe's? Yes there is a tax benefit in contributing to retirement products, but worth having some flexible investments also, and use the capital gains/ interest exemptions you...
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    Mtn black Friday rumor?

    Is anyone still able to data share? I can't since last week... customer care says I can't share that type of data bundle? Worked the last 3 months... On the 199 package with 20 gig and 300 minutes, 1k sms'
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    Dog Attack-Stare down vs Non-threatening body Language

    Then again with the bloody stump if it doesn't work the first time
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    Long term investments offshore

    This, offshore banking and webtrader from standard bank. If you have a account that side already then only webtrader.
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    Fixing Jeans in Gauteng

    I paid R70 for a patch fix