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    Man's Semen Only Shows DNA of His Donor after Bone Marrow Transplant
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    Gunman kills himself after murdering six patients at Czech hospital
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    [UK] Teenager Threw 6-Year-Old Child From 10th-floor Balcony Because He Wanted To Be 'On The News'
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    Maine man dies after being shot by own booby trap at home
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    DiCaprio denies Bolsonaro accusation of link to Amazon blazes
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    South Korean chef sues Michelin Guide for including restaurant in 2020 edition, calls it an 'insult'
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    Texas parents sentenced for dissolving toddler's body in acid
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    [Pakistan] Man murders neighbours for using his WiFi without permission
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    [US] Killer claims his life sentence is served because he briefly died
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    DA at it again.

    Came through on my work email which never sees personal use from me.
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    [India] UP man eats 41 eggs as part of bet, dies: Police
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    11-year-old girl saves friend from crocodile attack in Zimbabwe
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    [Malaysia] Man dies after slipping and landing on lit firework
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    Indonesian man who helped set strict adultery laws flogged for adultery
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    [Russia] Model stabbed to death and had eyes gouged out by sister jealous of her looks
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    [Ukraine] Husband cuts off rapist's penis who was attacking his wife
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    Tupac Shakur arrested in Tennessee for meth possession and other charges
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    [UK] Woman killed as she leaned out of train window
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    This Shanghai toilet will alert staff if you take longer than 15 minutes
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    [Uganda] 'World's most fertile woman' stopped from having any more children