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  1. The_Mowgs

    Skyworth dstv now problem

    I am trying to help someone with this issue. The person has fibre in their home with wifi. They have a Skyworth tv (android) connected to the internet and all is working except for the dstv now app on the tv. The dstv now app can open and play whatever is there but the problem is that the...
  2. The_Mowgs

    Selling unwanted jewelry

    Where or how would be the best place or method of selling unwanted gold jewelry? Is there perhaps a place in Cape Town someone can suggest. Its basic things such as a necklace and rings etc. Its not really something my wife would wear and its pointless leaving it in the safe. Edit; no, Im...
  3. The_Mowgs

    The good ol' banter thread - the threesome

  4. The_Mowgs

    HTPC no internet connectivity

    I started my system (Libreelec) this evening and although I can connect to my addons etc, the box itself cant open Netflix, Youtube or do any other functions which requires internet connectivity. There seems to be no internet connection but the internet in the house is fine. As I said, I can...
  5. The_Mowgs

    Bridging finance

    There's someone I know that would like to resign soon due to unbearable working conditions etc. Is there something like bridging finance to tie him over until his pension pays out whereby he then repay the amount given to him? He wants to cash out his pension to settle all debt, start a new job...
  6. The_Mowgs

    Can data still expire?

    I know there was a ruling earlier stating that data is not allowed to expire anymore (if I understood the article correctly) but I received the following sms from MTN this morning Your Data Bundle expires in 48Hrs. To avoid Out of Bundle rates dial *136*2*999# to purchase another data bundle...
  7. The_Mowgs

    Extend RAW partition

    I have a 250gb hdd where I installed Libreelec and kodi. I need to update it but the partition is 240mb and the other is 240gb. I want to shrink the 240gb to extend the 240mb in order for it to update When trying in Windows disk management I get an error saying all data will be lost if I...
  8. The_Mowgs

    Internet Republic

    Anyone heard of or uses them? Their prices seems low.
  9. The_Mowgs

    Clone old HDD onto SSD

    I have a friend that installed a new ssd into his laptop but wants to clone all of the old data back onto the new ssd, even windows. Is such a thing possible? The last batch of Windows keys on the sticker underneath the laptop has been ripped off over the years so I dont think I would be able...
  10. The_Mowgs

    Laptop under R6000

    What would be the best bang for buck laptop in this price range? This is for someone that finished school last year and wants to buy a machine for daily use such as projects, internet, office, movies etc.
  11. The_Mowgs

    Laptop for graphic designing

    If you wanted to start studying online for graphic designing, which sort of laptop, or specs, should one be looking at to help with assignments or tasks? Do you need a high end laptop for graphic designing or will a normal everyday laptop work?
  12. The_Mowgs

    Unable to unlock with broken screen

    Friend of mine has a Sony Z5 with a badly cracked screen. The device is PIN locked but he is unable to put the PIN in due to the broken screen. Is there any other way to input the PIN on the screen?
  13. The_Mowgs

    PST file viewer / extractor

    I need a program that can open a .pst file. I want to be able to view the entire mail and its attachments or alternatively I would like if the software can extract the contents of the entire .pst file and make each email a separate file in a folder. Any suggestions?
  14. The_Mowgs

    Drone / Quadcopter found in Somerset West

    People I know found a quadcopter in their yard in Somerset West. If you are in Somerset and know of someone that lost theirs yesterday (18/09/2018) let me know. I am not going to put the description on here as I know @Ninja'd will say it is his and then sell it.
  15. The_Mowgs

    Wifi AP

    I have a mikrotik hap router but the WiFi coverage is not enough for my house. I have a network cable plugged into my switch with the other point in one of the bedrooms. I want to use a spare tp link w8980 as a access point but not sure how to do the setup at all or which settings to change. I...
  16. The_Mowgs

    Sinus cold

    So I am not someone that gets sick or go to the doctor often but this past month has been hell. I have been sick the first part of this past month but the normal sick where you feel drained etc but I cant stay in bed as I constantly have to go to crap places across the world. That cold has come...
  17. The_Mowgs

    Mentions with @

    Is it possible to have the same function in WhatsApp where when you type @ and then as soon as you start typing it will bring up the list with usernames matching. Many times I want to mention someone but I cant remember the spelling of the username. Would something like this be possible on...