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  1. cavedog

    AMD FSR3 mod on GTX cards

    I think FSR3 and they have AMD Frame generation build into the game so no need to modify. Yes that is the one. So I'm not sure what Xess version ghost of tsushima has but basically you just download that and copy and paste it into the games you want to upgrade to the new Xess version. For...
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    Afrihost - Pure Fibre Feedback Thread Part 2

    Very small drop on the traffic for the same duration but I don't see any unicast flooding which is usually the cause for this.
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    Grocery Delivery Voucher Thread

    Limit reached. CORONA410 Still works
  4. cavedog

    ISP Copyright infringement warning email

    It changed. It's Alldebrid now :cautious:
  5. cavedog

    Hardware Bargains - Open Thine Wallet

    Just got my drive from DPD Laser. It's new drives. Manufactured date 02/2024
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    Must say last 2 months ps deluxe games was decent.
  8. cavedog

    Here is how your Vodacom number can be stolen for almost a week (And there is nothing you can do about it)

    The biggest loophole is the fact that you can port right after a sim swap. Networks need to place a 2 to 3 day hold on porting after a sim swap has been actioned because to get the number back takes time. 1. The port needs to be reversed and then it gets reversed to the simcard the frauster...
  9. cavedog

    Xbox Series X / S

    I don't understand why they just don't allow it with a warning that running Series X|S games of an external hdd will increase load times and it's recommended to move the files to the internal. I guess they won't be able to milk the thousands of rands out of gamers for their over priced...
  10. cavedog

    Hardware Bargains - Open Thine Wallet

    Indeed very decent. Can't go wrong with harddrives :)
  11. cavedog

    Vodacom prepaid LTE bundles

    I'm not 100% sure but I believe so. The Prepaid LTE price plan basically unlocks these deals but then takes away promo voice stuff etc so they use it to control how people use the data. As a data sim and not a voice/data sim. The prepaid bundles from works on any prepaid...
  12. cavedog

    Vodacom prepaid LTE bundles

    Saw Smartcall advertise these prepaid bundles. Not the lowest prices but somewhat okay for prepaid bundles. Vodacom also now has a Prepaid LTE plan that allows you to buy the same bundles except the 1TB isn't available directly.
  13. cavedog

    The Rugby thread

    If Jake white opens his mouth you know it's about how he agrees with something that negatively affects SA Rugby... I can't stand that guy honestly.
  14. cavedog

    Leon Thevenin en route to EASSy cable break Léon Thévenin is on its way :)
  15. cavedog

    Xbox Series X / S

    Free 2 Play games are free like Warzone, Fortnite, Paladins, Rocket League etc I think the old xbox live sub is basically obsolete as it's now called Game Pass Core and costs R79 where Game Pass Console costs R85.
  16. cavedog

    Telkom customers nationwide reporting no network connection

    Ohh yes they need to be on AirMobile Melon MeggApp :ROFL:
  17. cavedog

    Best ISP with openserve

    And then you find out most of the "cheap" ISP's have a 24month R2000+ cancellation policy o_O
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    Afrihost - Pure Fibre Feedback Thread Part 2

    Actually, scratch that it's working again.
  19. cavedog

    Afrihost - Pure Fibre Feedback Thread Part 2

    Yes it's physically up even if you trace to it or ping it but un-restrict a link or download. It's not allowing to use JNB1 it just does or something like that.