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  1. Ianf1

    The official running thread™

    Did the Johannesburg city marathon 21 yesterday in 2:51. This is a PB for me. What a hill from 4k to 15k from Kibler park to before Xavier on the M1. The weather was perfect.
  2. Ianf1

    Garmin Forerunner 55

  3. Ianf1

    Low-cost portable power station comparison - February 2024

    I got one of these Gee wiz units and it ran the fridge overnight when I forgot to plug it in. It is 15KGs which makes it not so portable.
  4. Ianf1

    Garmin Forerunner 55

    Item name (be very descriptive): Garmin Forerunner 55 Age and condition:3.5 years Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: No Reason for selling: got a Fenix 7 as a gift Price:2300 Negotiable: Yes Location: Glenvista Johannesburg South Shipping or collection: Collection preferred Selling my...
  5. Ianf1

    Full medical aid plan vs Hospital Plan

    I am on a hospital plan. They don't cover ER visits unless you are admitted or its a PMB. Now I know a nose bleed is covered if you can't stop it yourself. Also upgraded to pro plan so we can use non savvy hospital like Netcare
  6. Ianf1

    Fat Removal Thread

    Intermittent fasting works for me read Fast Feast Repeat book
  7. Ianf1

    Good accounting software suggestions?

    I use manager free for 1 user on your computer it works for me. The subscription is about R600 per month if you want to upgrade for server or more users.
  8. Ianf1

    EasyEquities introduces R25 monthly fee

    They are doubling down just saw this on X
  9. Ianf1

    EasyEquities introduces R25 monthly fee

    I wrote to them and said I didn't want to pay the fee. Here is their reply. So pay in R100 per month and fee is gone.
  10. Ianf1

    Join our Speed Test Challenge & Win a R5,000 Cash Prize!

    ISP: Cool-ideas Ping: 2ms Download: 95.31Mbps Upload: 82.16Mbps Test your speed:
  11. Ianf1

    Department of Justice reportedly opposing R5-million Information Regulator fine in court

    If this gets to trial how will the court handle the conflict of interest? The judge will be adjudicating against the employer so can't be seen to be impartial.
  12. Ianf1

    A (possibly another) medical aid thread

    Look to see if your dislocated shoulder injury isn't covered by PMB, Look at the medical schemes website for PMB codes it may be covered under 900H Open fracture / dislocation of bones and joints Reduction / relocation; medical and surgical management" The link is to an excel sheet with...
  13. Ianf1

    Awesome new competition - Win a Xiaomi robot vacuum worth R5,999

    Keep your home clean from dirt and dust with the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner S10. It features 4 adjustable suction levels for easy cleaning of dust and debris and removal of minute dust particles. It comes with a large 3200mAh battery to allow up to 130 minutes of battery life in standard mode...
  14. Ianf1

    Mortymoose Does AFib!

    Great that you have found your trigger, I am still not sure what my trigger is. I stick to 2 beers and try and drink lots of water. Good luck with your treatment and watch out for blood thinners I had an unstoppable nose bleed and that balloon up the nose is horrible. But a stroke is worse.
  15. Ianf1

    Mortymoose Does AFib!

    Welcome to the AFib club. I was diagnosed in March. Supposed to have a cardioversion in May but wasn't in fibrillation when I went in. Now waiting for a check up in January. I was very worried which didn't help, but have now decided to live my life with a few changes. So fewer beers and trying...
  16. Ianf1

    Bank transaction export file types.

    Any updates to this, I would like to move from FNB as the fees are too high. Asked bank zero what formats are available and was told only CSV. The accounting program used allows CSV imports but this doesn't work with FNB CSV while the Qif files work great. So what is the recommended bank?
  17. Ianf1

    Win Xiaomi Smart Kitchen appliances worth over R5,000 – Enter now

    Air Fryer "The over 100 smart recipes make it easy for beginners to cook delicious food. The fryer also supports custom cooking modes, so that home cooks can adjust the settings as they please. Ask the voice assistant to turn the fryer on/off and enjoy a smarter way of cooking. Scheduled cooking...