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  1. grok

    Boks fail to meet transformation targets – Saru report

    Need at least one Chinese too, they mos also blacks now let them represent..
  2. grok

    South Africa's new traffic fine system that introduces demerits is ready to roll out

    The people responsible for the lack of respect aren't the people who will feel the effect of any fines..
  3. grok

    Doctors threaten to close practices if NHI is approved

    Patience, the ANC only operates one printer at a time..
  4. grok

    Warning about violence and unrest in South Africa

    It's the song of our people..
  5. grok

    What experience in the workplace radicalized you?

    Seeing BEE appointees earning the corporate cushy salaries then unable to do the work, but altho it griefs me, I took the higher ground and am now making a killing of them hiring me and others like me with 30+ years experience to do the heavy lifting and keeping their systems purring while they...
  6. grok

    NHI will chase South Africa’s biggest taxpayers out of the country

    Except the Cape, they can't be allowed to leave..
  7. grok

    Economist Roelof Botha says Andre de Ruyter is to thank for lower load-shedding

    Facts don't care about your feelies, besides look at who sold their vote for R3-fiddy or a t-shirt & KFC stop blaming whites for what you do to yourself.
  8. grok

    Thabo Mbeki says Eskom engineered load-shedding and BEE delayed Kusile

    Elections in a month, talking k@k for votes, truth goes out the door, majority of electorate too ignorant, tribal or indoctrinated to know the difference..
  9. grok

    Shell confirms plan to exit South Africa

    Funny how they let Shell go but cling to the Western Cape..
  10. grok

    Do you want Taco Bell here?

    Seattle over my dead body, you can take our coffee but you'll never take our..
  11. grok

    Saudi activist sentenced to 11 years in prison 'over choice of clothing'

    Only 11? Bloody western clothing appropriating religious subverting witch, I would have given her 30..
  12. grok

    Starlink vs legal satellite Internet services in South Africa

    Capitalism, lol, it's bring better services and cheaper prices, and the only ones complaining are those who cannot compete.
  13. grok

    JUST IN: Three members of blue-light gang terrorising motorists on N3 shot dead by police in Gauteng

    Our capital of crime is in the Capitol, places like Zonkizizwe are just the spinoffs..
  14. grok

    Braai paint

    Bodyshaming is not just about the weight..
  15. grok

    The dark cloud hanging over South Africa’s head

    Apartheid modernized and moved itself to the cloud, apparently..
  16. grok

    Nearly half of South Africans struggle to afford food and electricity - survey

    Stop voting for wealth destroyers, else stop complaining and enjoy your poverty!
  17. grok

    Zuma wants to nationalise land and mines in South Africa

    TIA! Don't expect western logic and you'll be fine..
  18. grok

    South Africa in the spotlight over terror funding

    Seems the chickens are coming home to roost.. The warnings went out about the ANC's terrorist tendencies long time ago but the whistleblowers were called racist and the ANC still pushed for guavamint. How now brown cow?
  19. grok

    Israel-Iran conflict could deal double blow to SA fuel prices

    They ones they burned, let them walk their tears are delicious..