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    I was a victim of phishing

    Well in this case it's the SAPO. They see a parcel intended for you and make contact. But yes, likely happens with all couriers.
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    I was a victim of phishing

    I think it's a SAPO employee. Colleague was also expecting a parcel, got the sms, entered details. Some time later he had similar amounts deducted. I think only 2 amounts. Also no notifications if I remember correctly. He may have also got money back after many phone calls with FNB.
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    How much does it cost to get a gun license

    Thanks, this is quite detailed! Looks like it covers all bases, so I will get my docs together and try submit before month end. Shot for the help!
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    How much does it cost to get a gun license

    It seems from what I read on the site, that I need to renew both competency and licence. So 2 different forms. 517(g) and 518(a). The competency renewal requires 2 testimonials once more? Is this correct, and if so, is that all I require besides the photos and proof of residence etc...
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    How much does it cost to get a gun license

    I Don't think there is a specific thread regarding license renewals, if so, please direct me there. I new to renew my firearm license soon, and would like someone with experience or who has done this recently, to please reach out.
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    The Shroom Thread

    What dose are you taking? Can you share where you bought? I'm looking for something affordable to try.
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    Private router on Vodacom fibre

    I'm using my own router connected to a port on the same Nokia router. I cant remember if I had to do something specific in the settings.
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    Worst experience with Naked Insurance, slow and refuse to make an effort to speed things up

    Reading this makes me break out in a sweat. Also discovery and island auto Brackenfell. Edit: island auto did the assessment, some other fly by night place did the "repair". The biggest cluster **** I've ever witnessed. Promptly cancelled both vehicles and home insurance after that ordeal.
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    Raspberry pi4 4gb + PSU + armor case w/ fans

    Official PSU NO SD card Age: About 4 years 6 months. Price: R1000 Payment Method Accepted: EFT/Cash Warranty: None Warranty Holder: No one Packaging: Original Condition: Great Location: Northern subs CPT Reason: pi5 Shipping: cost and risk on you Collection: Preferred Links: RPi -...
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    Is Vodacom as an ISP good?

    Where I stay I had to use Vodacom as an ISP. This changed a year back, but I have not switched to another ISP because I have not had an issue in 2.5 years. Touch all the wood. Yea, I'm as surprised as you are!
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    The Shroom Thread

    I am intrigued with microdosing and would like to give it a try. I see K.K has 3g capsules @R160 ea which is far too much, looking for possibly 0.1-0.3g per capsule. Anyone know of other sellers that have small dose capsules?
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    Damaged monitor (FNB)

    where's the pics of the damaged box?
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    Afrihost - Pure Fibre Feedback Thread Part 2

    Thanks. So next question, what is required to switch to Afrihost? I obviously want minimal downtime. And no fees to pay.
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    Afrihost - Pure Fibre Feedback Thread Part 2

    I have a question. The estate I live in, is locked to Vodacom. For around 2 years now I saw that AH got teh option to manage a Vodacom line. I never made the switch because well I never had any issues with Vodacom (amazing) and AH was a couple rands more expensive. So my question, the new...