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  1. OCP

    Helicopter carrying Iranian president involved in ‘hard landing’ as rescuers rush to scene

    To be fair he's got it pretty rough; everyone that does not share his views and opinions is annoying, preachy, irrational and stupid. Imagine having to live in a world like that!
  2. OCP

    Helicopter carrying Iranian president involved in ‘hard landing’ as rescuers rush to scene

    I know this is going to stretch the very fabric of (your) reality but *maybe* just once ... you don't know everything about everything ;-)
  3. OCP

    Ordering a Lithium-Ion battery from AliExpress? What should I know beforehand?

    That's insane as most portable electronic device have lithium batteries in them.
  4. OCP

    What Anti Virus Are you Running?

    None All my workstations run Ubuntu/Fedora Servers running on Proxmox with Ubuntu/Rocky vm's
  5. OCP

    South Africa on track for first budget surplus in 15 years

    Just before elections - not suspicious at all.....
  6. OCP

    Ramaphosa signs new hate speech law for South Africa

    This is going to be applied / enforced fairly to everyone right?
  7. OCP

    ICC issues war crimes arrest warrant for Putin for alleged deportation of Ukrainian children

    Only those that survive - a lot more blood will flow and lives lost before then.
  8. OCP

    Mothers Day this Sunday, are you doing something special for mom?

    Will take my girls out for brekkies/lunch to remember mom.
  9. OCP

    My human rights threatened

    Plot twist's his cousin!
  10. OCP

    ANC unlikely to partner with EFF – Ninety One

    10min after ANC loses majority they will form partnership with EFF and/or MK so the looting can continue ;-)
  11. OCP

    When was the last time you visited a cinema?

    Exactly this - took my girls a few years ago; during the entire movie people talking and phones flashing bright lights. Never again.
  12. OCP

    Home assistant

    something about home assistant?
  13. OCP

    A friend offered me coffee, you won't believe what happened next.....

    You have friends? Just kidding - that sounds sif :-(
  14. OCP

    Battle to get Gupta brothers to South Africa to face corruption charges

    Hahahaha!!! A lot of pockets were filled. The ANC will do nothing to help, only to delay/etc.
  15. OCP

    Core Group is getting competition for Apple distribution in South Africa

    Can't get much worse than Core... other than Afrihost ;-)
  16. OCP

    2 x Ubiquiti M5's (complete) - R1000

    Buyer beware - this individual does not hold to his word: