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  1. chemfis

    University dropout crisis for South Africa

    Well put, unlike other systems, education rots from the bottom up.
  2. chemfis

    Alfa Romeo Milano

    An electric Alfa Romeo, seriously...................................................................?
  3. chemfis

    Tucker Carlson's interview with the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin.

    Well summarised, one thing that stood out for me was that Putin came across as much more honest and human than he normally does on the international stage, he did seem to think seriously about each question and answer it as openly as possible. I was quite impressed with Tucker's style of...
  4. chemfis

    Kenneth Smith: Alabama prisoner 'struggled for his life' in nitrogen gas execution

    Yes that should have solved the problem but being Alabama they thought that was way too liberal...........
  5. chemfis

    Kenneth Smith: Alabama prisoner 'struggled for his life' in nitrogen gas execution

    I suspect what happened was that he held his breath and his carbon dioxide levels rose to the level which asphyxiated him. As I understand it, breathing nitrogen naturally would be like the effects of a sudden depressurisation in a jet, the co2 is eliminated by breathing air with very little...
  6. chemfis

    2023 Israel-Hamas war: Micah's Idol (Part 2)

    This time of year especially we should all remember that we're the same species with very similar dreams and fears.
  7. chemfis

    do you donate blood?

    This is exactly why I stopped as well, gave 25 units over the years and then was charged a huge bill after surgery.
  8. chemfis

    Controversial question for the older guys - do you wish Apartheid had continued?

    I was raised by parents who taught me to respect all people based on their behaviour and nothing else. I was very idealistic about the end of apartheid and always voted against the national party, as did my whole family. I voted yes in the referendum and had long arguments with conservative...
  9. chemfis

    AfriForum's own power company on the horizon

    This is a very welcome announcement from a highly capable and respectable organization, it seems like they are looking at creating small scale pebble bed modular reactors which could then use the exiting grid to sell power onwards. As far as I know a lot of expertise in developing this...
  10. chemfis


    I believe the Chinese have had a functioning smaller scale start up for at least a year now.
  11. chemfis

    MyBB Motorcycle Owners Thread (2nd gear)

    What I like about the z400 is, the looks, lightweight, power easily manageable, economy excellent while still having a revable engine that can cruise at 140.
  12. chemfis

    MyBB Motorcycle Owners Thread (2nd gear)

    I bought a z400 and love it to bits.
  13. chemfis

    What is the cheapest way to call SA landlines from abroad?

    Check out Viber, you can make calls to any number.
  14. chemfis - who are they? Elaborate scam?

    No it was end of 2021, paid by credit card, was refunded by eft.
  15. chemfis

    Hellopeter - Is it worth the time ?/

    My own experience with them is very good, very useful site.
  16. chemfis

    I am learning French

    Well done, for me it's the most beautiful language to listen to, did a year at the alliance and some conversational after that but sadly have not used it enough and lost a lot. Still love french movies and I worship Juliette Binoche. It's very widely used in Africa and other former french...
  17. chemfis

    Russo-Ukrainian War - 2022 Edition Part 1

    It's very interesting for me to see that Serbs, who have been much demonized as being very intolerant by the west in the last 100 years, are scoring very low in their anti-semitism.
  18. chemfis - who are they? Elaborate scam?

    I bought a pylon battery from them last year which they couldn't deliver as they said there was a supplier problem, but they gave me a full refund and their communication with me was fine.
  19. chemfis

    Ukrainian & Russian military tactics

    I think we've become too used to the us way of war which is to bomb everything to dust and then make huge profits out of reconstruction deals. Putin is very aware of the close genetic ties between russia and ukraine and has ordered a campaign with the minimum of destruction and loss of life...