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  1. VooDooC

    Rand hits R18 to the dollar

    13 years ago the Rand was at R6.58 to the Dollar and R10.57 to the Pound... We'll probably never again see those kind of rates, at least not in our life times.
  2. VooDooC

    Which ride-hailing service do you think is the safest?

    Been using Uber since about 2016, not had any major incidents so far. Only had one issue where the guy got a flat 5 minutes after picking me up, but got a replacement car pick me up in less than 5 minutes. But yes, in this country, chances are that my luck will run out eventually.
  3. VooDooC

    ICC Men's T20 World Cup 2024

    Depends where in Florida they're playing. Orlando usually has a lot of thunderstorms in June/July
  4. VooDooC

    DOOM: The Dark Ages

    Yeah the Heretic/Hexen series were something else. Would love to have a proper remake/sequel for those Edit: Although, watching the trailer for this new doom... It is basically Heretic, just with guns
  5. VooDooC

    Load reduction started in Joburg today

    Everyone shitting and moaning about this, are any of you even in those areas that are affected by load reduction? Sure, the automatic shutdown of Geysers is a bit crap, but I'm guessing no one on here are in the areas that are affected by load reduction.
  6. VooDooC

    Pretty much everything that was shown a Xbox Showcase over the weekend

    DA looks like a trailer for a Pay to Win Mobile game. Will see what the gameplay looks like, but I really do not have high hopes for it.
  7. VooDooC

    MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries – Mindless mech amusement

    Finally a release date. I've been waiting for this one
  8. VooDooC

    Poweralert Stage 3

    So far my area doesn't seem to be affected... But it probably won't be long before they add more areas.
  9. VooDooC

    Poweralert Stage 3

    And the twitter twats are making it a racial thing again...
  10. VooDooC

    Election results: South African May 2024

    The trees voted for the axe because the handle was made from wood.
  11. VooDooC

    Big petrol price cut coming in June

    Decrease with 80c and the come July increase with R1.50
  12. VooDooC

    No IP given to cpe vumatel issue

    Had the same issue last Monday. ONT connects, gets my assigned static IP and then immediately lose connection. When you try and refresh the IP nothing happens, only after restarting the ONT you get and IP again and then it drops 2 seconds later. ISP blamed Vumatel, got sorted a day or so...
  13. VooDooC

    poweralert stage 2.....

    Unfortunately I can't
  14. VooDooC

    poweralert stage 2.....

    Ah lovely city power. 4 weeks ago we had a power failure that lasted 15 hours because they didn't have access to a gate... Today same type of failure and now 16 hours later, eish sorry we don't have the key to the switching station.
  15. VooDooC

    Eskom warns that over 2,000 transformers are overburdened due to illegal connections and tampering

    Sorry, I get confused between the different flavours of useless in this country.
  16. VooDooC

    Eskom warns that over 2,000 transformers are overburdened due to illegal connections and tampering

    Problem is, those overburdened ones are probably in areas where we live as well. City Power never compensated for the increase in housing in the suburbs.
  17. VooDooC

    NHI ‘triple tax’ and the end of medical aids – what you need to know

    If they hike the taxes with 30% like some people are suggesting, you'll pay a lot more than just R4k a month.