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    Porting Telekom number.

    I ported my Telkom home number to Vox Vobi in 2020 I mostly get wrong number dialed calls (my number is similar to a local business) but it is clear. Our office lines were changed to Telkom FLLA and they are quite bad (can most of the time not make out what people are saying)
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    Number Deleted from Vodacom Network After 16 Years

    My number was activated the day Vodacom launched. Only ever had that number.
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    FrogFoot speed upgrade, anyone got theirs yet?

    I have just checked and mine went from 80/20 to 120/60 which, as others have said, is great to happen before the new month (and new price) On Vox. Price went from 749.00 to 798.00
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    MTN Black Friday Discussions

    My email to [email protected] seems to have resulted in my credit issued after about 10 days.
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    MTN Black Friday Discussions

    It has been a while, but at long last I received a call today from Sandisiwe at MTN Complaints Specialist Dept, she told me that MTN has written off the out-of-contract bundle charge and the credit will appear on my next billing run. I am relieved that this has been resolved. I have left the...
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    MTN Black Friday Discussions

    I have received the same message on one of my remaining two old BF contracts. It does seem to be better than the deal on the printed BF sheets that had the R399.00 for 200gb going down to R 299.00
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    MTN Black Friday Discussions

    Quick update, I have forwarded my email of 19 November 2020 (three years and one day later) to Jacki O’Sullivan (and who ever answered me at the time) and pointed out that the exact same thing has happened again, so they are pulling the same dirty tricks. I received an automated reply, but no...
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    MTN Black Friday Discussions

    Pleasure. So I went to the White River MTN branch (it is a franchise branch owned Cosmonet - the staff have tried their best toms assist me) this morning they printed the 2023/11/17 invoice and the ”My MTNChoice 50GB” price went from (2023/10/17 invoice) R260.00 excl to R 1,564.35 excl AND...
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    MTN Black Friday Discussions

    Just to warn everyone who has a BF contract ending…. My bill for 3 2020 BF (+- 170*2 plus +- 350 = 690pm) just jumped to showing an outsanding amount of R2,732 I phoned the call centre, to be told it is just a mistake. I then visited my local MTN franchise branch, and the manager logged into the...
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    rain One plan for 4G upgrade

    I did, after getting a couple of calls (and that same message) I logged in after receiving the 2 sim cards, the billing is still exact the same. It has been more than a week If I see any change, I will report back.
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    Talk to a human at MTN.

    I did get to speak to a live agent by dialling 083135 and somewhere along the line I was giving the option to speak to an agent.
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    Vodacom 300GB + 400GB Feedback

    Was 243.88 and now up to 260.99 Started at 229.00 in Nov’21 (36 months 400 gb 20mbps) It is still a good deal, but I hate that they can always change from their side, but us suckers cannot do anything about it
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    "Superzoom" bridge camera roundup - March 2023

    I bought a Canon SX50HS second hand and I really enjoy it for our Kruger National Park trips. Seeing the current pricing of the newer cameras on that list, my cost of R2,299.00 including a 64 gb so card seems to be an absolute bargain, even if it was a couple of years ago.
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    FrogFoot speed upgrade, anyone got theirs yet?

    Nope, patiently waiting for the bump from 100/10 to 150/30 Increased billing/payment was on time and the App shows the new speeds, but a few speedtests confirm the old speeds are still applied
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    Apple Watch

    Having just bought a used series 7 cellular second hand, I recall reading one has to “unpair” the old watch first before pairing another/new one
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    The BMW 320d Fanboy Thread

    No such luck. It has electric seats, auto “brights” and the xenon lights as extras.
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    The BMW 320d Fanboy Thread

    I changed them the day I took the car, before I could take it for the roadworthy test. I just mentioned the original tyres to a make the point that the car was treated well.
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    The BMW 320d Fanboy Thread

    I think it is just the normal one (the local BMW garage could not tell me what is standard and what is optional). Bought it from a deceased estate and the person was fanatical about his vehicles. His other vehicle was a Jimny (also 2012) with only 55,000 Km’s on it. It is rare to find such gems.