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    Do a speed test and win R5,000 cash

    Ping: 2ms Download: 933.96Mbps Upload: 491.32Mbps
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    2019 Ford Ranger Raptor

    Well written review, looking forward to your future comments and impressions of next gen raptor.
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    The Ford Ranger (T6) Thread

    Thank you for your support. I can tell you now you are going to be one happy customer. I drove the Everest platinum for a short drive around the block and the V6 is a stonking motor(and quite smooth as well). The 20-inch rims would have looked awesome as the new wheel wells would easily...
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    The Ford Ranger (T6) Thread

    Thank you, it is a awesome bakkie. Hopefully the vids help consumers make informed decisions.
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    The Ford Ranger (T6) Thread

    Good day everyone I'm not very active on this forum, more on the 4x4 community site. I bought one of the first Rangers in the country and have owned mine since December. I have driven about 2000km so far and I do share my impressions on my YouTube channel for anyone that is interested in the...