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    Rain blocking access to certain websites / online services

    Same here, someone mentioned about the DNS, can it be set on the zte 5g router that came with ?
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    Unable to connect to certain services

    Have you resolved the issues, I am experiencing the same, even connecting to some of the website just doesn't work
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    Have you ordered from Temu?

    Must be honest that price on Temu is no longer cheap, some stuffs are actually cheaper on takealot,
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    The entertainer

    Looks like lots specials have been taken off from the entertainer, it's no longer worthwhile
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    [RELEASE] DStv Now KODI Add-on

    Any of you experiencing issues that there is only sound but no video since yesterday?
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    does Rain currently has eSim as an option ?
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    New solar panels or top up with trustworthy generator

    very interesting info related to DOD and cycles Both Dyness and Greenrich has >6000 cycles and Greenrich seems to use the latest batterytech ( based on googling ) any recommendation on which one to go for ?
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    New solar panels or top up with trustworthy generator

    Thanks for all the feedbacks, I truly appreciate it, I am new to the whole thing, with regarding to the cycle thing, @leon.davibe can you elaborate more? Is it the setting on the luxpower inverter or ?
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    New solar panels or top up with trustworthy generator

    A bit two minded about this I have converted to as green as possible in my house, All LED, cooking with Gas.. etc and my monthly electricity bill is roughly +-R1000 rand, the only big electricity user is most like the geyser my question as following I am planning to install 5KVA backup...
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    Debt Collection - No Cure No Pay - References needed

    Am looking for debt collector recommendations as well, any one ?
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    Buy one get one FREE. 5G PREMIUM

    Thought that you are on Telkom 2tb?
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    Buy one get one FREE. 5G PREMIUM

    I just got the call back from rain, apparently the deal only valid for 2 months, after 2 months, both will then have to pay 999 each ? Can anyone confirm it ?
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    Buy one get one FREE. 5G PREMIUM

    Do I have to cancel my existing rain package to take up this offer? Or can upgrade being an option ?
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    2TB Anytime data

    Pm sent, thanks
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    2TB Anytime data

    Pm sent , thanks
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    2TB Anytime data

    I used to be able to transfer data to my two prepaid SIM, and seriously considering this 2 Tb package, Anyone keen to try test the data transfer? Happy to pm the Telkom number to try it out if anyone me keen to assist
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    2TB Anytime data

    Has anyone tried *180# and see if data transfer is an option?
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    Telkom launches 2TB for R699 LTE deal

    Does this deal support multi SIM? Or data transfer to other sim ?
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    2TB Anytime data

    The quickest way to check is that if you dial *180# on that 2TB SIM, does it give u a transfer data as an option ?
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    Centurion X-Trac Garage Opener

    Where does backup battery sit? Need to replace it but can't seem to find it