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    IcasaSePush gives examples of where Starlink has helped people in South Africa

    It's wonderful to see these positive stories. Just wish icasa would see the light but sadly ideology trumps pretty much anything that makes business sense.
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    Disable AI in whatsapp

    For me it's primarily around having the choice. While we all know the principle that if the software is 'free' then you (and your data) are the product, and that it's likely already using everything we post to train on, having the ability to toggle it would be preferable.
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    Disable AI in whatsapp

    Also tried switching to Afrikaans and it makes the main 'one ring to rule them all' icon go away on the search bar, but the one further down is still there. Lyk my van nou af gebruik ek net Afrikaans...
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    Opel Astra 1.8 automatic - Sale

    Saw the post and it could only be the one and only Opel/Peugeot man..! It looks like a solid deal - sent to my son ;-)
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    Employer wants large sample of my work that I've written for them to train a GPT - What legal rights do I have?

    The more I think about this the more it seems like a situation that has the potential to prejudice you unless some clear definitions and boundaries are agreed to. First off, the question of getting an AI to write 'in your style'. Are you able to explicitly define what is your writing style...
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    Employer wants large sample of my work that I've written for them to train a GPT - What legal rights do I have?

    It's an interesting situation. I agree with others that the company already owns any work you've previously written for the company, but despite assurances by your boss that ' isn't about replacing you..' I would ask for an addendum to your current contract that explicitly states this...
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    Ramogkopa bites back at energy plan critics

    Allow me to fix this for you then: ' ... critics government need to do more than talk'. Because that's what the 'plan' is: magical thinking, 3rd rate maths and talk.
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    SAPS arrest Eskom employee for alleged Tutuka hydraulic oil theft

    This is surely grounds for promotion - since it's not mentioned anywhere that he was fired.
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    Is there companies that can handle the registration process of a new engine

    I'm in the same position - trying to find someone in the Cape Town area that can handle this for me. The mechanic I'm using mentioned he knows of somebody that offers this service but I'm still waiting for the details. Will post if I get more info, but maybe ask around some workshops and they'll...
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    Load-shedding now threatening food security - Agri Limpopo CEO

    If all else fails we can just import enough food through our ports... oh wait..
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    Researchers warn batteries without solar undermine the use of load-shedding

    Eskom does not have a revenue problem - it has a management problem. And as a previous post already mentioned: 'cry me a river... come on and cry me a river, cos I cried a river over you'. This is exactly the same mentality as hiking tariffs because your customers are now using less...
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    Moving to Germany- 6 months later

    I lived in Germany 30 years ago for a short time, and have often wondered what the current vibe would be like as I get a couple of offers every now and then, but really prefer being in S.A. I can't imagine trying to get by there without speaking good german... must be pretty hectic. I do have...
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    New high-speed train system for South Africa still coming

    My money's on the Messiah coming sooner.
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    eHomeAffairs - getting it to work for you

    I'm at the same payment stage - although I realised what they don't tell you is that your internet banking needs to be set up to receive these payment requests. In my case (Std bank) I had to sign in, go to the 'My Bills' setup and add 'Dept of Home Affairs'. Once done, I could then see that...
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    Goodbye and good riddance Internet Explorer

    How the heck will SARS e-filing work now..? ;-)
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    Unexpected arrival of Russian ship in Simon’s Town raises eyebrows

    Sanctions against SANDF incoming in 3.. 2..
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    Canoe/Kayak two-man, with paddles

    They're a little worn-out and quite tired from holding up the kayak under the afdak, but they're probably good for another 100 000km. Also, one of them now identifies as a woman, so it's a gender-appropriate sale.