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    Big screen 4K TV roundup - December 2023

    Samsung is currently running a trade-in special, where you can trade-in your Chinese TV for a Samsung OLED one.
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    Openserve increasing fibre line speeds

    RSAWEB informed us our 75/75 package will now change to 100/50 due to the Openserve upgrade. This is a downgrade for our outbound security cameras. I see other ISPs change it to 100/100, much better. I guess it is time for an ISP change.
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    DStv immediately cuts four eMedia channels after Competition Tribunal ruling

    Well, the only reason I had one of the DSTV packages was because of all the movie channels. Now there are almost none left. Will unfortunately cancel now.
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    DStv reverts FliekNet to pop-up channel - and pops it down

    I realized that DSTV premium was not good value for money, so I downgraded. Now I realize that these lower-end packages are even less value for money. Cancelling is the only option.
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    Disney+ early hands-on test before South African launch

    Yes, you're right. My Hisense was advertised as having a DTS encoder. But only DD available. Just a bit of false advertising I guess. However, I would ordinarily not mind the DD encoder, only the DD output had no Sub channel on the ARC output. It was literally stripped. There were two other...
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    Disney+ early hands-on test before South African launch

    I have given up on Hisense 'smart' TVs. Audio advertised as DTS but is not an option on the menu, had installed many Firmware versions, with and without DSTV & Showmax, no joy. Gave up and bought NVidia Shield out of frustration. My LG firmware is also out of support... no more apps/updates. So...
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    Disney+ opens pre-registrations in South Africa

    Yup, I'm not getting the sms OTP either.
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    Uncapped 50Mbps fibre prices compared

    Which ones are 24 month contract and which are month-to-month?
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    Driver's licence card tender shows what new licence card will look like

    Why not have GPW print the cards for them, they already have all those modern machines with those new security features. They print the ID cards for DHA already and have a much improved turn around time. Problem(s) solved.
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    MultiChoice signs deal for Disney channels until 2024

    I just cannot watch National Geographic on DSTV in SD anymore... it simply looks terrible. Plus, after a quick preview I had of NatGeo HD in the Us, I think we get all the really old stuff. Same with History channel, while Season 9 of Oak Island has been showing in the US for weeks now, we will...
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    2021 salaries of South African ministers and members of parliament revealed

    I know I will probably get some flack, but I'd say the salaries of some of these are actually low compared to the CEO's of private companies. What does worry me is the unrestricted employment of ministerial 'advisors' by ministers... these people get between 1m and 2m each, some Ministers have...
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    SA engineer slapped with R100,000 demand for pirated copy of Solidworks

    Something similar happened to me. I use my laptop for both private and work use. I installed the community edition license of Embarcadero Delphi on my laptop since I write only for myself and freeware (I was involved with Delphi since it's early inception when it was codenamed 'Polaris'). I...
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    DStv launches movie channel add-on option for R99 per month

    Those 3 extra movie channels are of limited use without Catch-up plus.
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    All the DStv changes which become active from today

    DSTV Compact is negatively affected for sure. 3 viewing choices downgraded to 2 viewing choices. Remember that Compact does not have Catch-up Plus to view any of those movies. Today on 'normal' catchup there are only 2 movies listed under m-net movies. Compact is definitely not worth it anymore.
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    This is how much you will pay to return items to online stores in SA

    You're lucky, I got refunded by Raru on a similar issue 40 days after they apologized that a certain product they initially confirmed (via email) was in stock and was eventually discovered (20 days later) not to be the case. A total of 60 days after initial payment made! Takealot much easier and...
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    Evetech insider provides insight into the tech retailer's processes

    I had a horrible experience with Raru, bought an item they claimed via an email enquiry was available to purchase. They remained quiet after the expected delivery date, I had no idea what was happening. When I emailed them I got no response. I could not phone them because they claim on their web...
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    DStv channels and prices comparison

    The new Curiositystream channel is a terrible implementation of this excellent streaming service. As good as the online streaming service is, as bad as the satellite channel is. Rather just pay the R290 per annum (R150 on Black Friday month) to watch what you want.
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    Good news for DStv subscribers - Channels not being cancelled

    I'm sure the Laginas will solve the mystery this coming season. :unsure: Anyway, love this stuff. I suspected the so-called 'cancellation' threat was to enter negotiations from a position of 'strength?!?' as the message came up on the DSTV guide surprisingly soon after negotiations broke...
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    SITA partners with Microsoft Azure

    The confidentiality aspect of data hosted by cloud providers is getting better with customers now able to generate and host the keys needed to encrypt it (Preferably hosted on private HSMs). So if the US government subpoenas Microsoft for the info, it will not be able to comply… sound good so...
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    DStv's plan to cut three channels causes backlash

    And why is the other Documentary option, National Geographic, not in HD? I struggle to enjoy it.