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    The province in South Africa on the verge of having more people unemployed than working

    ANC will celebrate this achievement! Dumb fcks they are.
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    Righting the wrongs for children in detention

    If all else fails release it to the world to torment everyone.
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    Poweralert Stage 3

    Well let's see if they can push this for 2 months. Can't make it too obvious, besides they too busy trying to save their jobs now. Wait until everyone is settled in and see if everything explode afterwards.
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    Limpopo farmer sues police for R7m, claims SAPS fail to address theft

    Well if we hear next week another farmer had been killed, we know why.
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    Takealot says e-commerce sector needs improved protection from international businesses

    Just because of this I'll stop buying from Takealot, how SA retailers fleece it's customers and get away with it is ridiculous. Then they demand protection as well.
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    Limpopo farmer sues police for R7m, claims SAPS fail to address theft

    Police probably going to intimidate and possibly organise a hit on him. You know it's Africa that's just how things work. The farmer should have been more creative with the criminals.
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    Majority of jobs in banking sector risk being made redundant by AI

    Doubt it will happen anytime soon though.
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    Money flooding back into South Africa

    Won't be long before someone says or does something stupid.
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    Majority of jobs in banking sector risk being made redundant by AI

    EFF will say the internet is racist and they will try to burn it down.
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    The SA Politics Thread Part 6

    Well we had a terrorist in jail for 27 years came out and became President. So that's not far fetched.
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    Addressing the SABC's declining TV licence revenue

    I pick 3rd option close doors and retrench everyone.
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    Another massive loss for Takealot

    I really can't see how they can make such losses every year and keep trading. They must be doing this on purpose to avoid paying taxes and saying they made "losses" but actually just spending the money somewhere else.
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    How much South Africa’s richest 0.1% owns

    Fck it we aer HAPPY!
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    South African pension fund looting warning

    Nothing is off limits for these thieving fcken ANC government! They have already wasted and stolen Trillions, now they want to blow another couple of Trillion?
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    How to pay less tax in South Africa – legally

    Tax should be illegal!
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    2G switch-off raises concerns surrounding essential systems unknowingly being impacted

    Had to happen long time ago, but as per usual our useless ANC government don't believe in deadlines. Probably going to miss the 2027 deadline as well. Year 2035 is the year not because they actually made the deadline but technology has involved so much that no phone or device will be released...
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    Six-figure luxury flight from South Africa to Germany launching soon

    Maybe that's why people say "Stupid Rich"