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    Facebook assures it won't read your messages if you use Meta AI in WhatsApp

    What did you ask to get Mexicans in haystack bus seats
  2. T buffers on 5G premium

    You not gona win with rain bud, they throttle streaming sites an torrents, and if they say they don't its a lie. Had my fair share of rain misery, you better look at a uncapped mtn LTE or telkom
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    Never mind Eskom, gas is SA’s new energy crisis

    The dinosaurs shuddering in their graves
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    Again it doesn't matter to me if xbox or PS died tomorow, I just find holding on to games so nobody else can play it as stupid. I don't even like PS games, i play mainly Dota and overwatch type games
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    so you a fan boy makes sense now, Sony is already trying to get all their games to pc now though
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    Pit bull disfigures a greyhound at Sea Point Promenade

    Its owners 99% of the time, you never took the time to properly train them from birth to not attack other dogs..So many people want dogs but they are not "dog people" leaving the dog to its own devices after it grows up, especially with a pitbull is asking for trouble.
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    All I know is it's worse not by how much, I'm a pc gamer all I care is that they don't gatekeep exclusives to their consoles it's retarded in this day and age
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    Even with Xbox having slightly worse 1st party title catalogue then PS, they play more fair with making games cross platform - look at the blizzard/Activision titles they promise to still keep on playstation. Sony on the other hand gatekeep so hard, don't give f*all to xbox. Maybe a pc port...
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    Temu online shopping tested in South Africa

    Stuff usually comes on time, depending if the post office is working. Just don't expect the products to be what was advertised - but then again you paid next to nothing so it's no loss
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    WhatsApp's rise to dominance in South Africa

    I think it came pre- installed on some early Android an Nokia phones, an also sim contact intetgration was a first
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    Win a Tapo D230S1 Video Doorbell Camera - Enter Now

    I'm impressed by the cameras 160 degree field of view
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    Do a speed test and win R5,000 cash

    ISP: Webafrica Ping: 8ms Download: 20.79Mbps Upload: 9.68Mbps Test your speed:
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    Do a speed test and win R5,000 cash

    Ping: 8ms Download: 20.82Mbps Upload: 9.98Mbps
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    South Africa’s Black Friday lost its shine

    To remind everyone how cheap as chips everything you buy is
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    Streaming "farms" used to milk music royalties

    The things kids call good music these days
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    Afrihost cancellation fee

    @AfriNatic This was not a new fibre line installation so why am I paying a cancellation fee? I didn't have to pay such a few when I left cool ideas
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    Afrihost cancellation fee

    I got Afrihost fibre in July had it for 2 months-but because of finances I had to cancel it. Paid my final month up and 1st of October it deactivates as it should. An agent also called me around last month just to find out why I'm leaving an I say its low funds, he just says oh sorry to hear and...