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    MTN Service Down

    I've had no signal in Cape Town area since 8h30... anyone else have a problem?
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    Unlocking US iPhone 4s to work in SA on Vodacom

    are they trustworthy though? do it but as 50pounds! Thats ludicrous!
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    Unlocking US iPhone 4s to work in SA on Vodacom

    It's one year later and I now have the same issue... Can someone tell me if the sites still do this? I tried but it says it has no ulocking service for a 4S + AT&T combo... :'(
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    Carrier Unlock - iPhone 5

    Ok, But does any of this change if it's in fact an iPhone 4S? She wasn't sure and like I said I'm no expert... I checked the model nr last night and its actually the 4s!
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    Carrier Unlock - iPhone 5

    Ok cool thanks! Tried to call them but as it was actually bought by pwc and given to the staff, its quite a mission... Apparently my local cell shop can unlock it by rolling back factory settings or something???? Anyone tried this kind of solution before?
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    Carrier Unlock - iPhone 5

    so you're saying my only option is to chat to MTN/Vodacom in this regard... that's a scary thought!
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    Carrier Unlock - iPhone 5

    77 views and no reply... C'mon gents... I know you have the answers i seek... .
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    Carrier Unlock - iPhone 5

    Hi all... A lady friend bought an iPhone 5 (model A1387) whilst working in Chicago... believe it was used on AT&T's network. She's back in SA now and obviously wants to use the phone, but it's obviously not working on Vodacom's network. I need to get it unlocked... Help!! Can I do it...
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    Security Camera Player (extension ".400" file)

    Hi guys, I have installed some security cams at my home and have the video files that have been recorded, but here's the problem: They are in .400 format (i.e. the file is called recording001.400) and none of WMP, VLC or GOM player recognises the format or is able to play the file. Can...
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    Samsung Galaxy S2 and ANT+

    Does the phone support ANT+ connection? Want to pair it with a heart rate monitor... if no, is there a workaround or am I being silly?
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    Galaxy S II, iPhone 4S or Blackberry???

    Hi all, hoping to get some guidance here... I know there are a lot of these kind of threads, but hey, I rely on input from this site to make many important decisions... :wtf: I know the iPhone Lovers will say iPhone, but I need to know why??? I have a 10.1 Tab and it works beautifully...
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    Ipad 2 on contract

    Where did you get this on vodacom? I've been informed they don't do ipads on contract this morning...
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    Ooutlook 2007 Delivery Reports

    hi, Does anyone know how I can turn these off permanently? Have tried the Options > Email Options > Tracking route, but due to being on MS Exchange Server my outlook still sends thousands of "Delivered: xxxxx" mails on a weekly basis to all the idiots that have their "request delivery...
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    BB Bold 9700 - Browser Upgrade?

    Hi, not keen to browse through all threads so thought I would just ask here... is there a upgraded browser available for BB Bold 9700? I'm looking for something that can open multiple pages simultaneously... Thanks! :D
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    Anyone else having connection problems?

    My BB Bold 9700 does not want to connect this morning. Was working fine last night before I charged it. No internet connection at all. Says I am not in area that supports data connection and icon in corner is either GSM or 3g with small "g" Strangely enough, my wife's phone (my old E71) has...
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    Digital Video Recording (DVR) on PS3

    Is it possible to use the PS3 to record via DSTV decoder?
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    The Official 3G Iphone Thread

    i mean spiderman 3... :-)
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    The Official 3G Iphone Thread

    i am si tired of all the iphone talk... Everyone i know that owned the previous ons is so gatvol of it. And how do people fail to realise that it lacks many basic features (fwd sms,copy paste to name but 2)!! This phone is like spidermanY, over hyped, over priced and more of a publicity thing...
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    The Official 3G Iphone Thread

    I just have to do this... Check these out.