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  1. Y's below-cost launch discounts upset local supplier

    Amazon should sort themselves out. If they stay worse than Takeatime they're going to be really bad. I ordered an item from them (Digital Boutique something selling on Amazon) and had it delivered AFTER SEVEN WEEKS and a number of tantrums.
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    Standard Bank customers complaining about fraudulent charges and locked accounts

    As if having to wait at least an hour in a queue at SB branches to see any human isn't enough...
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    Top analyst warns that MultiChoice is only worth around R60 per share

    The sport rights that DSTV owns is never mentioned i.t.o. a Canal plus takeover. Yet they are DSTV's biggest asset. And are crucial to the future of rugby, cricket and soccer in SA. And while many nerds commenting on this channel will be whacked out of shape by any ball thrown at them and...
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    DStv Premium freefall continues

    They are sqandering their hold on sport rights. It can catapult them into a new role but they are probably too greedy and stupid to see.
  5. Y's underwhelming launch

    I ran away from Takealot the day one of their support staff told me on the phone "yes you buy the cellphone without any memory in it then you can add all the memory you want yourself".
  6. Y's underwhelming launch

    MB should now think back and ask if the thumb drive from Takealot would have been delivered so quickly BEFORE Amazon was here. My experience is that after Amazon launched here what I ordered from Takealot (only they had the item - a DSTV decoder plug) all of a sudden arrived in two days. In the...
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    The mystery of South Africa's Amazon Prime Day

    I bought an item from Takealot a few days after Amazon launched and amazingly it was delivered a day later. A new experience....
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    Eskom changing its microgrid targets

    Better install some security....
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    DStv's subscriber decline in South Africa

    In Jhb the combination of City Power and DSTV's crap decoder will eventually see me not watch rugby anymore and ditch them. Whenever City Power messed around again with some substation tripping again, the decoder goes into a boot loop even though the lights are on. It will then only boot if...
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    BritBox shutting down in South Africa

    Was a lot of old second rate programs anywsy
  11. Y is live

    Not fully yet. No movies. Few of the tech options are actually available. Most "out of stock" or "not available" at the moment. I really hope it is mety a case of them not yet having stocked stores. But some good signs. A book searched was available at basically the lical bookstore price. That...
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    Expert weighs in on SA's ideal energy mix

    Lots of nuclear will take ten years or longer. By then it will not be necessary cause there won't be an economy anymore. SA needs real solutions pretty quickly.
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    South Africa's biggest solar farm compared to the rest of the world

    The whole world seems to disagree with you. Are you from earth?
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    South Africa experimented with high-speed trains between 1978 and 1985

    At that time electricity departments in Gauteng also recorder years of uninterrupted electricity supply to citizens.
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    Cheapest quiet generators in South Africa

    Cut their power for two or three days - like what happens regularly in Jhb - and see them buy generators.
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    Massive R21 sinkholes near Olifantsfontein will cost R144 million to repair - SANRAL

    Or use the hole as part of a tunnel. Which can then be under the Cyril bullet train.