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    Crystal Web DSL performance feedback thread Part 4...

    Cancelled my line with Crystalweb as per their policy. Line wasn't moved to holding pool due to this mess up, so I couldn't transfer. A few calls and pleads to 10213 requesting that they move the adsl line to the holding pool proved unfruitful. Requesting that telkom force take over the line...
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    Tracking Devices

    IF someone notices that its a device which should be registered, they'll stop it at customs and send you a notification requesting ICASA proof. It happens with cellphones, but not sure if they'll realise if a watch needs to be registered though.
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    Mybroadband iphone app

    Well maybe we don't want to see you whipping it out at all :sick:
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    Mybroadband iphone app

    The mobile version of the site seems to work perfectly on my blackberry. I'm sure it'll also work on the iphone, so I'm not sure why there is a need for a specialized application for this?
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    Mybroadband iphone app

    Guess that explains why you bought an iphone. :D :D
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    Apple and Multitasking...

    Where can I get a sowing machine for someone who can't sow or has no interest in sowing? Besides if you're not going to use a phone, why not just buy one of these R200 cheapies. They can be used for phoning, smsing and have all the features someone who couldn't be bothered on learning to use a...