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    Air Mobile Call rates discrepancy

    I don't normally rant on public forums, but man, this is annoying. @AfriGuy @Afrigirl why on earth do you advertise multiple points of contact, but they all act independently? Why will the agent not create a ticket or escalate internally? You expect your customers to figure it out. RANT OVER...
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    Dealt with "It's Home Electrical" ?

    How did you get to this conclusion?
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    Afrihost Pure Fibre Giveaway - Win Free Fibre worth over R25,000

    Location: Northriding Fibre provider: Vumatel Package: 50Mbps uncapped
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    Fibrehoods - Northriding

    I must say, I was very excited to get my fibre line installed. Gone are the days of terrible streaming experiences on LTE - uncapped bliss!.....NOT So in the last 2 months of having fibre, I've had almost 10 outages. 10! There was also an issue with my installation which I understood and...
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    Wifi issues with Afrihost SIM

    Hey guys Im hoping somebody can help me here. I have noticed recently that when I use the Afrihost sim in my TP Link router I struggle to connect to the wifi on my iPhone 5 (and wife's 4S, and her iPad mini) It will start the loading process and then just hang. I first thought it could be...
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    iPhone 5 price drop...anytime soon?

    Hey guys, how long do you reckon before the iPhone 5 will go for cheaper than it is currently. I suspect prices will come down as the new 5s/c will be available soon. What do you reckon? My wife got the 4s last month at CellC for a very good price. I would like a slightly larger screen...
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    Signal Booster/Antenna

    Hi everybody I signed up for the 8ta i5 promo last year, and really enjoy the service I have received so far. My problem is that I have moved to another suburb and now the signal is zero. I can't even connect. I will add that on the promo map I am still in the pink area, close to the...