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    NaTIS Drivers License Renewal 0 Slots Available

    I tried again and I managed to get a booking at Kempton Park there were 5 slots available for the 2nd of October :) Wow thank you everyone. I really appreciate the advice!
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    NaTIS Drivers License Renewal 0 Slots Available

    Thank you everyone for the responses.
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    NaTIS Drivers License Renewal 0 Slots Available

    Using NaTIS is mandatory to book a slot before going to DLTC to renew Drivers License. For the past week (I am sure longer for most people on hellopeter there have been 0 slots available...
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    Ramaphosa announces move to level 1 lockdown

    Is there a move after level 1 to not wearing masks?
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    Do you support closing schools at the end of July?

    If a cashier at a store can serve 100 or more customers a day wearing a shield or face mask, why can’t other services do the same. Our proximity while purchasing goods is a good indication that other services can exist in a confined space with movement around us. The pragmatism in...
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    No evidence that 5G is a major health risk

    The question is why do we need 5G? Are we fine without it? The infrastructure to implement 5G requires towers to be built within a short distance from each other in order for high transmission rates. This does not impact communication to rural areas but only applies for high bandwidth in...
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    Neighbours loud music

    I approached the police mentioning the neighbour is playing loud music and threatened me when asked to put it softer. They say that they can't log a report because its not considered a threat. When asked to explain what a threat is, they reenacted some form of threat by repeating the word...
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    Can Anyone Else But You Collect Your ID At Home Affairs On Your Behalf?

    Biometric fingerprint verification is required upon collection for passport or id. Just reaffirming.
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    Aircon office open roof tile

    Building maintenace and administrativr restrictions and potential risks if things go wrong and expenses thereafter
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    Aircon office open roof tile

    The openning looks like this:
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    Aircon office open roof tile

    I also went through the times article on how to know if your building has asbestos: but there is no specific detector represented. I am more concerned as to the cold air that is let in and causes flu like...
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    Aircon office open roof tile

    I sit under an open roof tile block, one of those rectangular foam roof blocks that offices have but in this case its shifted open ajar, I asked admins if they could close it but was soon advised that it is needed to be open because the aircon requires it. My question is whether it is safe, in...
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    Has anyone been to the Headache Clinic at 45 Empire Road?

    i had an accident when i was young, stitching done ontop of my head near the back, a bicycle rode over me and i might have been pinned under the front or back wheel, i havent revisited the story or inquired on further info, i was maybe 3 years old, the tension i experienced from 2004 to 2010 and...
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    Has anyone been to the Headache Clinic at 45 Empire Road?

    its psychological and its a sensitive topic, rest will help, also reducing.emotional stress, its thought patterns
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    iPad 4 release date in SA?

    The new iPods are out in RSA as well as the 13 inch retina MacBook pro. They might launch/have stock of the iPad4 in December similar to how the iPhone4 was launched. You can find the iPhone5 in SA at stores in Sandton for R10500 but you might need to unlock them.
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    Kia Picanto 2012 1.2 EX Man

    I have checked other posts regarding the Kia Picanto 2012 but I am still curious as to whether the performance of the car is admirable? I am also curious about service costs, part costs and maintenance costs. I was wondering if anyone has this car and could comment about their experience...
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    Question about Jailbreaking

    +1 :) the Windows 7 theme from Dreamboard is amazing
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    Question about Jailbreaking

    I would be cautious as there are security risks involved, as apps have direct access to your root and if your not debugging and identifying what exactly an app does then it could send your details without you knowing.