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    Most complained about spam calling companies in South Africa

    find the most NSFW gorryest pickture you can imagine, Save as a PDF and rename as proof of payment.... Debt collectors never called me after that again.
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    White dominance in top jobs sparks union outcry

    We definitely need much less children....
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    Another dog attack in Ashburton, KZN

    But Pitties.....
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    Kasparov Chess Computer missing pieces

    Plan Z go buy a cheap Chinese chess set and just glue the pins on.....
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    Kasparov Chess Computer missing pieces

    well 3d print then. those are extremely rare.
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    Kasparov Chess Computer missing pieces

    just check if the pin has a magnet on. if not try softly sticking something in the hole and see if there is a mechanical switch in there. that reads the piece
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    The big shift in government that could change everything – or nothing at all

    All I am saying is that it must be a pitter pill to allocate FF+ a Minister position...
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    Kasparov Chess Computer missing pieces

    I have the more advanced one where you press down on a piece to activate it. its a huge bord.
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    Herotel router access

    My Totolink is horrible, Make one mistake with a single port number and you end up wiping everything and starting over. you cannot delete a singe configuration as the names and port numbers are scrambled. also Mac address is entered without spaces or special characters.... Copy to notepad and...
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    Herotel router access

    I need inbound and outbound port acess, with some static MAC rules on my herotel router. Told them that and Bam I got it. stay away from the WAN tab and everything will be alright.
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    Ripple Control Ekurhuleni

    you can if you want the other geyser to have the problems what you are having now.
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    Ripple Control Ekurhuleni

    No. that is bypass and add geyser timer (CBI astute )
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    Ripple Control Ekurhuleni

    Can he just post a Pic of the Ripple controller.
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    R12 per litre alternative to high petrol prices in South Africa

    Lpg has 55MJ energy per Kg vs petrol which has 42MJ/kg. LPG 0.51Kg/L and Petrol is 0.72Kg/L. If I could liquefy Syngas I would rather run my cars on that... much cheaper than LPG, Well its almost free. But yeah to get a refrigeration specialist to do what I ask and give me specific freezer...
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    Best male and female vocalist of all time?

    Freddie kinda counts as both Male and Female...
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    Joburg hit by magnitude 3 earthquake

    I love how people always blame mining and collapse of tunnels, workshops and old faces. You will never feel a mine collapse. siesmic's don't even pick it up on surface never mind people feel it and call it a mine bump or a earthquake. old mines gradually close off by themselves. its a slow...
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    Is there a totally free way to stream series in SA?

    I am a pirate. I will happily pirate. it's no one else's business but my own, If a Karen really has a problem with it she is free to take it up with the Dutch East India Company. They can discuss it with my 50 pounders in person.