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  1. itareanlnotani

    Cape storm: Badly decomposed body recovered as City of Cape Town officials respond to a blocked drain

    I thought the bodies were usually dumped near macassar/ Baden Powell. people getting lazy now...
  2. itareanlnotani

    Banks say PayShap is performing well

    you're obviously receiving "massive" savings /s
  3. itareanlnotani

    Design new OFF-GRID domestic system; recommendations?

    It's a reference to how people used to mispell my name on here, with a bit of afrikaans english thrown in. "It are an L not an I"
  4. itareanlnotani

    Former University of Iowa Hospital employee used fake identity for 35 years

    Wow, the real Woods got 2 years in a mental institution and jail for saying he was who he said he was. **** that judge.
  5. itareanlnotani

    Expert recommendations for inverters and solar panels - April 2024

    Best panels - whatever is the best price r/ watt at the moment. They're commodity items, and I wouldn't worry about one brand over another, as long as getting from a reputable supplier, and not facebook marketplace specials. Inverter - just go sunsynk/deye zero hassles, decent quality units.
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    The death penalty is no solution to SA’s crime crisis

    100% of convicted criminals who've been murdered executed by the state never go on to commit another crime.
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    Eskom says illegal connections getting worse

    Soweto need to write off another 10billion in debt again or something? They've written off at least 50 billion of Soweto debt over the years, if not more.
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    Expert weighs in on SA's ideal energy mix

    The ideal energy mix is coal, coal and more coal, plus diesel contracts to my favourite hairdressers - Gwede Mantashe (not a real quote).
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    Design new OFF-GRID domestic system; recommendations?

    I wouldn't say no maintenance, but less than people think. Panels are set and forget, unless you have baboons pulling out the cabling, like some of my other neighbours. I've been ok in that respect fortunately, they seem to skip my roof. Most of my own system issues have been battery related...
  10. itareanlnotani

    Design new OFF-GRID domestic system; recommendations?

    Jumping in here as probably one of the few off grid people. My suggestion for 30kWh usage is: 3 x 8.8kW Sunsynk or the 16kW unit + an 8 if they can be linked. At least 30kW of panels. >25kWh of battery + a diesel gennie for the very rare absolutely shitty day. ---- 30kW of panels will be...
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    Tesla and South Africa... How do we make it happen?

    0% duty on the polluting <1L cars from Europe. Hence the 998cc stuff you see... Whereas the EV's are taxed to the hilt. There lies the issue. Will be interesting once China gets more cars in more places. European car companies and American car companies (excluding Tesla, who's already...
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    Tesla and South Africa... How do we make it happen?

    Have a look why we have so many 1L engine cars on the road. Hint, its tax related.
  13. itareanlnotani

    Tesla and South Africa... How do we make it happen?

    and the luxury tax, and and and. Not just 25%, last I looked was about 60% tax, so you're paying 160% of the car price + shipping and landing fee's, don't forget when it sits at customs also ticking on the fee's, and that could be a good while for something like a Tesla.
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    Rand manipulation effects overblown – expert

    Completely different thing
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    Rechargeable fan for load shedding

    Link spammer. Reporting all his/her posts.
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    SA lawyers nailed after using ChatGPT to argue case

    Obviously a link spammer. Have reported it.