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  1. saor

    Movie Mini-Review Thread - Part III

    Yet another rewatch here. For me that scene where Teddy strangles the Russian girl is one of the most uncomfortable to watch movie deaths. The music in the final boss fight is so good. Such a rewatchable movie this.
  2. saor

    Pick n Pay warning

    Maybe if you spent less energy hitting the Return key at the end of each sentence (ie. used paragraphs like a normal person) you'd have the energy to write a proper headline?
  3. saor

    What's for lunch?

    Cardboard chips.
  4. saor

    Health benefits from not drinking coffee.

    Make of this what you will: I used to drink one or two black coffees (americano) a day. Nothing after 13:00 so all in the morning. I was having some sleep issues a few years back and decided to try cutting out coffee. When I stopped, I had lower back pain for just over a week that was very...
  5. saor

    What do you do when you receive a phone call from a business number?

    I don't even know what a business number is.
  6. saor

    What's for lunch?

    quinoa salad
  7. saor

    Who would you vote for in the US elections?

    A nation of leaders struggling to let go of power.
  8. saor

    Best Nasties-Free Biltong In Cape Town / Online

    You won't believe what a long game this has been. Set that company up 10 years ago - bought a farm, started selling meat & produce just waiting for this moment. Seeing them finally get the runs has made it all worth it.
  9. saor

    Best Nasties-Free Biltong In Cape Town / Online

    My parents buy wors and put it in the dehydrator - quick & easy droewors. You get to source the meat you're happy with and control everything (ie. no nasties)
  10. saor

    Best Nasties-Free Biltong In Cape Town / Online

    Maybe write them about the wors with a few pics and ask about the frozen. Stopped at the Ryan Boon shop in Newlands the other day and got some wagyu chilli bites. Expensive but man the fatty bits are tasty. Nice selection of meats as well.
  11. saor

    Rain and storm for Cpt pt 2

    Yes, it's normal for winter here to be full of rainy days & unpredictable weather. Get some warm socks and a good book and accept it.
  12. saor

    Best thin socks that are warm?

    Thanks. Got the thicker ones - perfect for walking around the house.
  13. saor

    Rain and storm for Cpt pt 2

    A bit misleading these numbers as at least 10% of that water was due to all @Jet-Fighter7700 crying about the weather.
  14. saor

    Buffalo Logistics tracking API uses insecure cloud storage bucket

    Enough for ID fraud to get rolling.
  15. saor

    Buffalo Logistics tracking API uses insecure cloud storage bucket

    Someone getting a data packet that contains your profile photo (whatsapp screenshots) in addition to personal details makes it a whole lot easier to start making your life difficult. Someone on here recently reported their SARS bank account details changed, it was brought up that SARS requires a...
  16. saor

    Man's body washes up on rocks at Cape Town promenade

    Guy at work does the lifesaving thing and they were doing training the other day - all in wetsuits - swam out beyong the waves and he says there was a ballie there with no wetsuit just have a cold swim.
  17. saor

    What's for supper III

    Treated myself to some wagyu chilli bites - the fat on these things is amazing. Old green beans, veg & hummus.
  18. saor

    Movie Mini-Review Thread - Part III

    Shooter (2007) Just give me 2 hours of Wahlberg shooting people from 900 yards cause that's all I'm in this for.
  19. saor

    What's for lunch?

    Mashed chickpeas + harissa paste.